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5 Lesser Known Historical Sites in India that you should definitely Know

by Ruchika Agarwal
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World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on the 27th of September, a day to recognize the importance of tourism both in building the international, social and cultural values and in providing huge employment opportunities. The theme for world Tourism Day, 2020 is “Tourism and Rural Development” to celebrate this booming industry and its significance in being a world wide employer as well as its role in preserving the Natural and Cultural heritages.

Our country is known for its well preserved heritages and monuments that are hundreds of years old. Monuments like Taj Mahal and Hawa Mahal are still known but there are still many that are unknown or underrated and today would be the best day to talk about these lesser known beauties. 

Basgo in Ladakh: Most of us have either planned on visiting or already visited this snow laden land of Leh and Ladakh but did you know that apart from its natural beauty, it was also home to the Royal Ruling family of Namgyal. The Namgyal Dynasty ruled the kingdom of Ladakh from 1460 to 1842 and Bargo Fort was from where these rulers governed. The fort is further surrounded by 3 temples dedicated to the three forms of Buddha and Goddess Maityi.

Image Source: wassuptoday.com

Ananthapura Lake Temple in Kerala: How many of us are scared of Crocodiles? Most of us, right? But if I said that crocodiles could be guardians? Unbelievable! Ananthapura Temple in Kerala is that unbelievable place whose very sight would knock you off the ground. This beautiful temple located in a lake is protected by a crocodile and you will always find only one crocodile and never more. You should definitely put this one on your bucket list.

Image Source: TemplePurohit.com

Tughlakabad in Delhi: We all know about the Jantar Mantar and Jama Masjid in Delhi, but very few of us know about Tughlakabad. This site is a closed resemblance to the ruins of Mohenjodaro. One can see through the dexterity of the ancient engineers in its remains of artificial lakes and fortresses.

Image Source: Guidetour.com

Maner Sharif Dargah near Patna: Art has always been ingrained into the lands of Incredible India. Be it in the form of Music, Plays or Paintings, our country has never fallen behind the rest of the world. Maner Sharif holds the tombs of two great Sufi Saints: Makhdoom Yahya Mayeri and Makhdum Shah Daulat. It is a must place to visit if you are an art lover.

Image Source: PatnaDaily.com

Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan: Rajasthan has never failed to mesmerize us with its never ending historical heritages, each offering an awe striking sight and Kumbhalgarh is one of those. This enormous place has 300 ain Temples, 66 Hindu Temples and a Huge Wildlife Sanctuary: A place that you could never get enough of!

Image Source: Traveltriangle.com

Now you know about these underrated places that should be in your travel itinerary someday. Happy Tourism Day y’all.

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