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Top 4 highly paid programming languages in 2019

by Ankit Gaurav
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Getting command on any programming is good. But, getting command on programming languages which will give a handsome salary is something that matters a lot. In today’s world of gadgets these languages play a very important role. Many of you often get confused with which language should you continue with and excel in that would fetch you a handsome salary . After all, I managed to find and bring you the top 4 programming languages which would bring you a handsome salary.

1. Python

Now this is the language which do not shows off much, i.e, it is easy to learn and grab, it doesn’t have these new modules and frameworks coming out every now and then but, can do every important stuff that you need. Instagram, YouTube, Google, Quora , Reddit and many others are built with python. It is widely use for Data Science and Machine Learning. It’s the fastest growing and most wanted programming language. The average salary of python developer is around $116,369 per year. It is the most easiest and highly paid programming language.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most cool , super-popular , it’s at the tip of everybody’s tongue, is always trending and is most popular language when it comes to web-development. But yeah, it also keeps changing a lot ! Specially new frameworks keeps on getting added. But this is what makes JavaScript fun to learn. The average salary for JavaScript developer is around $110,839 per year.

3. Swift

It is native iOS programming language used to create applications in the app store. Swift basically originated from C language so, it’s somewhat similar to C. And, as it comes from C family it’s a bit harder to start with but, if you have learnt C or C++ before you’ll find it enjoying. Swift is pretty cool for freelancing work, entrepreneurial work, startups and it’s really good for getting a full time job. The average salary of a swift programmer is approx. $110,062 per year according to indeed.com .

4. C++

This programming language is one of the most powerful language. Be it software development or game development, it is widely used in these fields. Although you might find it a bit difficult in the beginning. It’s just like a mumma bird pushing her children off the branches to make then learn to fly. But, once you are used to it you can fetch a handsome salary of approx $115,819 per year.

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