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Top Highest Paying Jobs For Software Engineers In India

by Antara Kar
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After hustling tirelessly throughout your schooling years for that one job which would justify all the hard work and efforts that you have put in, it is important that one is well aware about all the high paying jobs in the software industry. Every job seeker is looking for a job that pays them right or even better. Here is a list of the top high paying jobs in the software industry of India.

1) Data Scientist

Data science is a new but buzzing career option that offers lucrative packages to professionals. The role of a data scientist is to manage and organize the large amounts of data that a company collects. The professional is also expected to give proper insights to the data so as to improve profits and have better customer relations.  Data science is a new career option and it is in high demand as each day we have new data, everything present today comprises of data that needs to be managed effectively. There is a 40% rise in the jobs of data science since 2019 and a 300% boom since 2003. A career in data science offers a salary between 4-12 LPA to certified experts even if they have limited to no work experience. Data scientists with 5 years of experience or more get a salary of INR 60-70 LPA.


  1. The ability to work with complex formulas
  2. A proper understanding of the consumer’s psychology
  3. Business oriented acumen
  4. Well skilled at various programming languages

Educational Qualifications

  • Engineers – BE / BTech, Graduates
Data scientist

2) Machine Learning Experts

A career in data science and machine learning has a bright future in the times to come. Such a career is one of the highest paying jobs in India and worldwide. Machine learning happens to be the practical application of AI as in this branch, the system is taught to learn from its past experiences just the way a human brain does. Sounds exciting, right?

A fresher in the branch of machine learning can up to 7- 5 LPA as a starting salary. With experience, this salary can grow up to 27 LPA and beyond.  After an experience of more than three years, over 75% of the professional’s salary is between 8-40 LPA. The highest salary in this field is around 50 LPA.


  • Programming in R or Python language.
  • Excellent statistical knowledge on different matters.
  • Strong written and oral communication. The ability to prepare presentations, make reports, from interactive data visualizations such as graphs.
  • Ability to convey complex data in a non technical format.

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3) Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is one of the latest fields in the software industry. It is responsible for internet connectivity, transactions, and data security.  A handsome pay is offered to the blockchain professionals mainly due to the lack of professionals in the field. The highest salary in this area can go up to 45 LPA.


  • A good knowledge of blockchain and blockchain architecture
  • Data structures
  • Cryptography
  • Web development
  • Smart Contract Development

Educational Qualification

  • Engineers – BE/BTech 

4) Full Stack Software Developer

A full-stack software developer is a professional who had the complete knowledge and understanding of working in both the front end and back end of a software or website. Full-stack developers also have a complete understanding of database management. They have complete practical knowledge of CSS and HTML to heed to the needs of the client in the industry. The starting salary of a full stack developer is between 4-6 LPA and later on, after three years of experience grows to become 15 LPA. The highest salary goes up to 30 LPA.


  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment
  • Detail-oriented with an eye of aesthetics
  • Able to meet tight deadlines
  • Fluent in Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Educational Qualification –

Engineers – BE / BTech 

FSD jobs

5) Cyber Security Engineer

In recent times, the role of a cybersecurity engineer has become very crucial looking at the security risks at hand. IOT security is also important as in recent days we are surrounded by small grids that are connected to every device around us. What cybersecurity engineers can do is to ensure us with some kind of security without having us to compromise on the quality. The average salary in this line is about 5 LPA while for a senior it ranges from 12-80 LPA.

cyber security jobs

With such immense scope in the software industry, one can say for sure that they are in for something tremendously great.

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