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Perfect guide to help you select the perfect Tie

Tie is the ultimate power dresser depending on the colour. It shows you mean business and want to be listened to. With a dark suit it is at its most potent. You mean business, have things to say but are prepared to listen to those around you. You still want to be thought of as one of the boys.

Dark blue or very dark colour tie should never be worn with a black suit. This look is formal, conservative, and safe. When plain it is very conservative. Be careful of the Green tie, this tie can be seen as very adventurous. Pastel greens work better than dark greens, green works best as part of a pattern. Purple tie is the colour of royalty. People who want to be seen as independent thinkers, men with style, and a little adventure wear purple ties. Lilac ties look great on most men.

When you’ve finished looking in the mirror to check its position your tie should have one dimple the dimple is the little crease at the top of the tie just below the knot. It gives a tie its shape and allows it to fall properly. The dimple should be in the centre of the tie. If it’s any higher or lower you will look messy.

The perfect dimple tie in spread collar shirt

When wearing a spread collar shirt tie a full windsor knot it is the only knot big enough to fill the space between your collar points as they point out towards the shoulders.

Very tall men should look for a longer tie. Most good men’s stores will carry a range of longer ties for the taller man. If your tie is short tie a loose knot. This will avoid your face from looking oversized above your collar.

Long tie for tall men

If you have a round face avoid the horizontally striped tie. The tie will only make your face appear wider. Woolen or open weave ties are best with a sports coat. A tweed jacket looks great when worn with an open weave tie. Diagonal stripes are very flattering the diagonally striped tie is one that flatters most faces and is very easy to wear.

Perfect patterned ties

Keep an eye on the pattern in your tie. It should never be larger than the size of your eye or it will take the focus from your face. A large patterned tie will become the focal point of your outfit and distract from your face.

Same colour tie and dress

Same colour shirt and tie; this look is formidable in darker tones. I would recommend this for formal and social occasions, not at work. In mid-tones, it will allow you to blend into the scenery. More pale tones are friendly with a large suit, with a dark suit they smack of weddings.


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