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The Purpose of Cinema

We are so dangerously fascinated by cinema that it kills us a little everyday. For most of us, watching a movie is a pretty effortless task. However, the process of understanding a film is a rather unnatural phenomenon. We all love films but don’t think about the role of cinema in our lives and society. We often fail to acknowledge that it is not a throw-away experience. Hence, it is something that helps us expand our perspectives.

We don’t think that films serve a cause. We don’t consider films as lasting. We generally watch them while on a long flight, to spend time with loved ones or to give us thrill. This is a great loss as we should try to observe the narrative behind the creation of films. Thus, making sure that we’re exploring the way to see the best useful aspects of cinema. Films address our natural human tendencies of evoking emotions. They seek the absurd side of things we consider of great seriousness, providing us with more perspectives towards life. They also take on the task of helping us being nicer people to live around.

Often in life, an action that seems rather trivial has tremendous consequences. You get carried away sometimes, arising problems. Films speed up the time frame and show us the fearsome results within a few hours of what we think as small failings. They often tend to push the consequences to maximum; by showing us the horror it makes us want to be a person who is honest, moral and readier to face unpleasant moments. It makes us less inclined towards self-righteousness and more scared for ourselves and things we hold dear.

Cinema shows us the withdrawal of emotional energy by showing us the lives and struggles of people far away. It represents the parts of the world that we otherwise would be disinterested in and encourages the family of humanity. It tells us about the categories that are frightening, bizarre, depressing like those in Iran and Venezuela.

Films direct our feelings of sympathy. They provide comfort for our unimaginable fears. They correct an unmanageable sense of normal. They promote good conduct and edge us against our vices. We as a society, should see films as more than just entertainment. They are guides to life and philosophy.


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