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Everything You Should Know About Full Stack Development

In recent times, full stack developers are in high demand in the software industry. Full stack developers understand every aspect of software development process such as data maintenance and user experience. Full stack development has come in to the big picture since no company would be interested in making high investments by hiring software development services from various other developer.  Full stack developers are hired so that companies may not have to invest in hiring too many resources for product development. The term “Full stack developer” intrigues many. If you are interested in a career change or are keen to know more about the term full stack development, this article is for you.

Front-End Development

All the parts of the software which are visually facing the user come under the front-end part. The role of the front-end developer is to implement the visual elements of the software.

Back-End Development

All development techniques which has a main aim of making the program function well come under the back-end portion of development. Majority of attention is given in creating and working with the databases by the back-end developers. In order to develop any user driven software, one needs to have both back-end as well as front-end portion of the software.

Full Stack Development

A full stack developer is someone who works in both the front end as well as back end part of the software. Such developers are proficient in front-end, back-end, database queries in almost all popular operating systems. Technicians who are into such complex software development are known by the term ‘developer generalists’.

Here is a list of skills every developer must have in order to be a pro in full stack web development:

  1. Programming Languages: An expert in full stack development is proficient in numerous programming languages such as JAVA, C3, Ruby and PHP.
  2. Framework Development And Third-Party Libraries: In order to be proficient in full stack development, it is important that one has a good expertise in development languages like Node.JS, Express.JS, Hibernate, Python, Django, Java and other similar languages. It is important for any full stack developer to understand the basics of third-party libraries.
  3. Front- end technology: For every full stack developer, it is important that he has the knowledge of front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. He must also be proficient in frameworks such as JQuery, LESS, SASS, AngularJS etc.
  4. Databases and Cache: Databases are required to store the data that is generated during the functioning of the software. It is important for every full stack developer to be fully aware of the concepts related to databases and be able to implement them properly. Some popular databases are developed using languages such as MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, oracle etc.
  5. Basic Designing Merit: Having a good knowledge of UX and UI is a crucial skill that every full stack developer must possess.

Back-End Architecture

  1. Micro services: It is a method to split up various independent services. This method helps in automating in-house business processes.
  2. Blockchain platforms: Crossing the right blockchain platform for the dApp is very crucial step. Some popular blockchain platforms include: a) Etherum b) Hyperledger c) Hedera

Cloud Services

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS is a very secure cloud service under Amazon. It provides a safe platform for services related to deployment tools, database storage, content delivery, computing power and functionality solutions. These services help in reducing the overall cost of the IT sector.
  2. Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure is a platform that helps by increasing the business agility by offering loads of services and a safe customisable cloud.
  3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP): GCP is cloud computing platform which is under Google. It provides the costumers with a range of services related to computing, storage and development of the client’s application.

Version Control System (VCS) and Debugging

Version control systems are used to keep a track of the changes that are done to a file over time thereby enabling the person to recall specific versions later. Some of the most important version control systems include GIT, Subversion and Xdebug, where GIT is the most popularly used one.


DevOps stands for the positive cultural values and ethics that are followed by the enterprises in order to have enhanced delivering of services including development and production services.  

Having extensive knowledge in the above-mentioned skills can pave your path as an expert full stack developer. With the proper deployment of these skills, make a solid mark in the software industry.


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