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Tips to select and don a Saree for that Queen Look

Nothing looks more beautiful and graceful than a saree on Indian women. But before we think of wearing a saree, it is very important to know a little bit of the six yards wander. Sarees are known for mingling exuberance and ethnicity. The key to their exclusiveness lies in experimenting with an unusual combination of fabrics and colors. Embroidered elements with splashes of stark colors and combination can assure you all the right amount of attention.

Sarees are so timeless and classic that it can make every woman look stylish right from Deepa Mehta at the Oscars to Alia Bhatt. Today saree has evolved itself in such a big way that it has acquired a chic look too. Trends like denim sarees, digital printing is fast gaining popularity. Abstract and animal prints in vivid colors are the latest trend in sarees. Indo western is the buzz word. Bridal sarees are even teamed with pants now that is some combo.

On earlier days heavy banarasi and kanjeevaram sarees meant that the wedding sarees did not see daylight after the big day (only we get to see Bollywood actress Rekha and Kiran Kher quite often). But today, teenagers as well as the elder generation can be spotted wearing colorful sarees with funky blouses, making them look sensuous and elegant at the same time. The net fabric is dominating the bridal trousseau. But since the news of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan buying Banarasi sarees came out it has witnessed a boom. Banarasi saree with embellishments will be one of the many sublime touches you’ll come across this season.

Brides are also preferring non-traditional colors like pink and yellow and sarees that are light to wear. Hence explore colors such as jewel tones like gold, silver, fuchsia (a vivid color that is a mixture of red and purple), orange, emerald green, candy floss pink and Naples yellow; pastels like aqua blue, lilac and celadon (a grayish-yellow green), peach, cream and powder blue.

Depending on the region of India the saree varies in length from six to 12 yards. The nine-yard saree is generally worn in the western and eastern parts of the country with fewer pleats to make up the length. Over the years saree has adapted to different forms of fashion from Mumtaz sizzling in the 60’s in the three-tier saree to Liz Hurley wearing a pink and turquoise one at a charity bash in New York.

Designers have been experimenting since long with the traditional saree. Using hand painting, block prints or traditional motifs (designs) like ikat, contemporary designers have kept saree alive to changing fashion trends, though hinging on a glorious tradition. The latest collections this season focuses on traditional patolas and ikat as also on hand-printed sarees. The modern look can also be achieved through abstract designs.

(Source: mohansarees)

Tussars, brocades, and georgettes, interwoven with kinship, metal sequins, old zari borders, resham mesh, calligraphy, divine motifs all create sheer magic delicately balancing the bygone era with modern sophistication. Crystals are definitely in this season. Swarovski crystal which is the latest favorite of Indian designers has been used to embellish crepe and georgette sarees.

As per the look for bride is defiantly sculpted this year the focus is on structured drapes. The ceremonial collection sees the use of translucent veils, crystals, and jeweled tones. Sarees are draped almost like Grecian gowns and worn over figure contouring lycra petticoats which have functional slits on the sides, revealing an exciting hint of skin when one sits he says.

Bridal Saree with detailed embroideries
Bridal Saree with detailed embroideries
(Source: threands.werindia)

As for detailing and embroideries, various kinds of embellishments are being used to enhance the look of the saree. These can range from zari embroidery or sequin work to the latest Swarovski embellishments that add a bling quotient to any saree.’’

 Drape and fall there are ways to do things and there are nice ways to do things. Saree draping is all about skill but one has to keep in mind the quality and texture of the saree before deciding to drape it in a particular way.

According to me “what is setting the trend are the styles of draping that can be stylized and carried in several ways.’’ If draping a saree makes you long for your stern but exasperated mother and you go round in circles around the six-yard cloth trying to get that swirling finish here are some tips to get it right.

The most famous of the style is the urban saree look. Letting the pallu hang casually on the hand with a stunning blouse means that the saree has now acquired the ramp style. This drape works best if the pallu has rich work. It must be a regular drape, give it about seven-eight pleats. Instead of taking the pallu over the shoulder drape it around again. The work on the pallu thus gets highlighted by appearing upfront.

 This drape works best if the blouse has work on it and the pleats to have a distinguishing feature the saree must be draped as usual. Instead of taking the pallu under your right arm raise it to the left shoulder. Drapes can also be carried like a dupatta with a salwar kameez.

The work on the blouse and pleat makes the saree look grand.

This drape works best if the blouse has light/heavy work on it and the saree has stones or kundun work in the front. The saree must be draped as usual. Give a few pleats up to five. Instead of taking the pallu to your shoulder knot it on the left side of the waist and pin it such that the knot rests on your left hipbone.

Take the rest of the pallu loosely over your right shoulder and pin up on essential points to the blouse and petticoat to keep saree intact throughout the function.

Designer blouse with a simple saree
Designer blouse with a simple saree

The work on the blouse and saree do wonders for anyone sporting such sarees. To describe in a nutshell this six-yard cloth has metamorphosed to meet changing trends in fashion though retaining its original grace and beauty. So next time when you look into your wardrobe don’t be disappointed to see your old sarees. You never know they could be your best bet.

Hope you guys like this article, please share your value comments in the comment section below 🙂


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