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Tips to select the right Sunglasses to add on your charm

by Prasantt Ghosh
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Sunglasses are meant to be worn in the sun. For some foolish glamour victims who wear sunglasses inside their ac offices. When you are indoor take your sunglasses off. Unless you are Tom Cruise or Shahrukh khan or a huge celebrity you will look like a wannabe.

It adds to the charm if you have beautiful eyes, large, twinkling, and shapely and you enhance the beauty by wearing transparent colour sunglass. But if you have not been bestowed with this bounty, you can ensure their beauty by a few careful strokes here and there. It has been observed that the secret of success of most world-famous beauty queens was their beautiful eyes. Like shiny hair and clear skin, bright eyes indicate glowing good health and vitality. The first and most basic requirement for beautiful eyes is a good diet. The top vitamin for healthy eyes is vitamin A.

Sleep is vital for the right shining eyes. Without it, they become bloodshot, strained, and tired looking. Eight hours’ sleep during night s a good rule. Watching  TV for a long time, continuously reading in a bad dull-looking too. The nicotine can stain the whites of the dull, yellowish colour, just as it stains teeth and fingers.   

Your glasses should frame your eyebrows. They should sit just below your eyebrows and follow the curve of your brow. Glasses should be no wider than your temples. Arms are there to hold you. Like the arms on our body that can hold someone tight the arms of your glasses should be long enough to get over your ear but not so long they slide forward.

 How to hide a big nose?

A low bridge will make a large nose look smaller.

Perfect vision comes with perfect alignment

Your pupil should sit in the centre of the lens. Glasses need to sit on your nose alone. They should not sit on your cheeks rest on your brows or side up and down your nose.

 Don’t stretch your glasses

Any retailer of glasses will tell you that wearing your glasses on your head will stretch the frames. It also is a very casual look and can destroy even the best-presented outfit.

Match your hair colour and frames

Blondes look good in transparent or light coloured frames. Brunettes look great in darker plastics and metal frames. Redheads will suit most frames except yellow and white frames.

Match your eye colour and frames

Remember your eye color. Brown-eyed people look great in any colour of frames except possibly brown. It could dull your eye colour. Green-eyed individuals look best in chocolate khaki tortoiseshell, purple, and burgundy frames. Blue eyes are highlighted by frames in dark purple orange tortoiseshell and rose. Light brown and hazel eyes men will shine in rose purple gold and warm green frames.                     

Source : Theprivelege

Pocket your glasses when meeting

No matter how bright it is outside if you are in sales always take your sunglasses off when talking to a client. You will build trust this way. Keep an eye on the plastic nosepieces. Your glasses can start looking old and dirty before too long. It costs very little to replace the nose piece and keep your glasses looking fresh. Wear fine metal-framed glasses if you are over 60. They will give you a more modern lighter and younger look.

Carry two pairs of glasses

Transitional lenses can appear darker in a well-lit room and you can look silly with tinted glasses on whilst indoors. Not to mention showing no respect for the people you are dealing with.

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