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Mukti Kothi: Abbott Mount’s hospital of the Deads!!

If you are a traveler who loves travelling to lush green forests, snow covered mountains, adventure filled trails and spooky places which give you goosebumps, then there is a place you must visit. Abbott Mount, which has been cited as one of the most haunted places in India.

In the sublime hills of Champawat district in Uttarakhand lies a minion hill station called Lohaghat which exhibits a stunning landscape, offering the arresting views of the Himalayas.

Panchachuli hills as seen from Abbott Mount
Panchachuli hills as seen from Abbott Mount
(Source: eUttranchal)

In this place lies Abbott Mount, which is basically a Mansion on the Abbott Hill in the lap of Himalayas called “ABBEY” where locals have reported mysterious activities. This place has all the ingredients — a haunted hospital, a neglected church, and a graveyard — to create curiosity. If you look at the bungalow, you will find it just like any other British construction, painted in white and surrounded by trees giving it a peaceful look. But this beauteous place which allures the visitors by its mystical charm has some deep dark secrets beneath that are ready to be unveiled.

The beauty of this place was discovered by an Englishman John Herald Abbott, that’s how the place got its name, Abbott Mount. He built a mansion here known as Abbey Mansion approximately a century ago. Later in 1942, he built a church here in memory of his wife which is now known as Haunted Church.

Famous Abbot Mount Haunted Church
Famous Abbot Mount Haunted Church
(Source: patrika)

John himself died in 1945. Abbey Mansion was then converted into a hospital after the demise of Mr. Abbott, which was the beginning of something fishy. Since the hospital was established as a charitable trust it was always flooded with patients, who came there to seek good medical attention. But after the joining of a new doctor called Dr. Morris, the aura of the hospital changed.

Grave of Mr. Abbott in the graveyard near Church.
Grave of Mr. Abbott in the graveyard near Church.

Morris was known to do some unusual experiments on his patients. He was keen to know the mystery of death. He wanted to understand, what happens in the human mind exactly when the moment of death comes. It is said that he used to predict the exact day of death of his patients. All such patients, about whom the predictions were made, were allegedly sent to a different building almost a kilometre away, now known as Mukti Kothi.

They were found dead on a pronounced day! Interestingly, all such patients were normally the ones who didn’t have any near or dear ones to take care of. People claim that Morris used to murder his patients to boast his predictions. Decades passed by, and the stories of spirits started spreading. Spirits of Dr. Morris and his patients. Nobody has seen them but many claim to have heard them whispering, calling!

Although, it is seen as a haunted place still there are lot of other things you can visit the place for. From scenic beauty to trekking and mountaineering, it is one of the best place to experience the European settlement based in Kumaon region. You can also experience the world’s longest and highest mountain range. The valleys in the Shivalik mountain range can be seen from here. To the North it has Pithoragarh and to the East, it has Nepal. Nearest places to visit from here are Mayawati Ashram, Banasur Fort, Pancheshwar Mahadev Temple etc.

What adds to the amusement of this place is that everyone has a different story to tell! So, go visit this place and get your own story and share with us here!


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