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MS Dhoni retires from International Cricket, Suresh Raina accompanies him.

by Piyush Kumar
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August 15, 2020; India celebrated its 74th Independence Day. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi hoisted the flag from the Red Fort in the morning. Special precautions were taken care in lieu of the ongoing Noble Coronavirus pandemic. The prime minister announced several reforms which will be implemented in the forthcoming year. Further, he also backed the Warriors of the COVID-19 and assured his citizens that the vaccines will be soon in mass production and ready to use.

On the other hand, talking about cricket, Indian Premier League (IPL) is scheduled from 19th of September onwards in UAE. The teams will be leaving for the UAE in the third week of August. Ahead of IPL, every players’ corona test has to been done as decided by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). On 11th of August, the swab test was done for the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni in his farmhouse in Ranchi. The result of which came out negative on the 13th of August, Thursday. On Friday, Mahendra Singh Dhoni left his hometown Ranchi for Chennai where he joined several other players in the camp. The Chennai Super Kings will be leaving for the UAE on 21st of August. Late in the evening, on the 15th of August, MS Dhoni took his Instagram to declare his retirement leaving everyone astonished. The former captain posted an IGTV with the caption “Thanks. Thanks a lot for your love and support throughout. From 1929 hrs consider me as retired.” The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) later confirmed that they have received a formal letter from Mahendra Singh Dhoni for the subject to his retirement.


The post represents the whole journey of his International cricket career with a sweet song in the background playing “Mein pal do pal ka shayar hu”. The former captain who played his last International match last year in 2019 against New Zealand in World Semi-Finals. Dhoni got run-out and the match was lost. Dhoni played his last One-Day match in Indian soil in his hometown stadium Ranchi. Dhoni represented India in 350 international matches scoring 10,773 runs in ODI matches with a batting average of 50.53. His highest individual score was 183 not-out against Sri Lanka. As soon as the captain posted his video, the whole world was taken aback and prayers and good wishes started flooding in his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Some famous Personality Tweets:

Sachin Tendulkar said winning the 2011 World Cup together was the best moments of his life.

The Home Minister of India, Amit Shah pen down tow tweets back to back stating that MSD’s cool temperature has turned several hot encounters in India’s favour. I hope MSD will continue to strengthen Indian Cricket in times to come.

The Cheif Minister of Jharkhand, Hemant Soren also writes saying that he will be writing to BCCI to host a farewell match for Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Ranchi.

Rohit Sharma also pens down his emotion for MSD, saying that he will miss him in blues but waits for 19th September to see him at the toss in Yellow.

Suresh Raina Retires:

While the cricket fans were not able to digest the fact that Dhoni has retired, there was another news dropped. As soon as the former captain retired from international cricket, his best friend and colleague Suresh Raina also declared that he will be joining Dhoni’s decision to retire.


Later on, Suresh Raina also posted an IGTV video with a heart full message representing his journey in the Indian International Cricket Team.


The whole world was astonished by his decision. It is claimed that there can be no better friend than what is between MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina. Raina is Dhoni’s true friend, and it truly represents that what is said in Hindi: “Bhai agar tu ni khelega toh mei bhi nahi khelunga”, meaning, brother if you won’t play, I’ll also not play.” The MSD-Raina partnership on the ground is also much loved by the fans. Both have 73 innings together scoring 3583 runs at the average of 56.9. They both were together in 2011 world cup as well as in 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. Although both of them will continue to play in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for the forthcoming season. Both MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina are in the same IPL franchise, i.e., Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

Suresh Raina retires, says “I choose to join this Journey”

Table of Contents Some famous Personality Tweets:Suresh Raina Retires:A few Achievements by the Captain CoolSumming up “BHAI TU NAHI KHELEGA TO MAI BHI NAHI KHELUNGA!!!!”Just when cricket fans were having…

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A few Achievements by the Captain Cool

The captain cool has won all three ICC trophies in white-ball cricket as a captain in tenure of 16-year Cricket career. He faced a lot of backlashes as well in the initial years. His cool nature, calmness and awareness of the game have always been the key feature to win the game. Under his captaincy, India became No.1 test team for around 16 months consecutively. It is also said that with a blink of opponent’s eye Dhoni has the ability to change the game.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was an extraordinary wicket-keeper. The record says it all. Dhoni is the 3rd wicket-keeper with most international dismissals after Mark Boucher and Adam Gilchrist. Dhoni pulled off more stumpings than anyother wicket-keeper in cricket history which stands as 195 at the highest.

Dhoni was a powerful hitter. While cashing the target, he used to calculate which over to the target, which bowler to target and when to hit. His classic helicopter shot to the yorker balls is loved by everyone. Nobody will ever forget the iconic 6 which he hit during the world-cup finale to take the cup home back in 2011.

The power hitter MSD hitting the winning 6 in the WC finale in 2011.

When I die, the last thing I want to see is the SIX that Dhoni hit in the 2011 World Cup Final.” – Sunil Gavaskar

Summing up

Personally speaking, I’m still in shock. I have watched the IGTV post of Dhoni a lot of times, and every time it makes me feel sad. A lot of people knew that Dhoni is going to retire in a very epic manner. Speculations were there after the World Cup last year only. Though Dhoni’s silence kept his fans with a ray of hope that he’ll be playing again someday. But due to Coronavirus pandemic, everything went south. I saw him once in front of my school when he came there. The world Cricket will surely miss the helicopter shot. The cricketing world will not be the same without him. After the 2007 world cup lost against Bangladesh, there was a rumour that Sachin Tendulkar will leave the cricket. During those days the fans use to rely on Sachin a lot more than other players. Imagining, with Sachin gone during those time will leave the fans to lose hope. MS Dhoni was someone who came, who conquered and who became the hope of a lot of Indian Cricket fans across the globe. People used quotes such as “Mahi Maar Raha hai!” , “Dhoni-Raina Sambhal lenge” , “2 ball, 6 runs needed, Dhoni ko Strike mein laao jaldi”, “jab tak Dhoni hai tab tak umeed hai” . With him gone, his era is gone, his aura is gone, his essence and presence are gone. Now even if we watch the match, it won’t be same the feeling and the same excitement. I will end the article with a few lines of Coldplay.

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning, I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
Listen as the crowd would sing
Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!

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