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Perfumes – Attract/Repel??

by Prasantt Ghosh
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We’ve all been there – Trapped in an elevator with an overly perfumed passenger who has you holding your breath until the doors open. Ambushed at a movie theater where the only recourse is to bury your nose in the popcorn. Perfume may be a pleasure to those who wear it, but its over-application is often a nuisance to others. Though fragrance is often worn to attract, it stands an equal chance of repelling because scent is so subjective. Is it possible to pick a perfume for someone? Should you even attempt for such a personal gift? If the recipient likes fragrance or is interested in scent, the answer is a resounding yes. And today I got you some tips and guidelines for shopping. For starters, try to get the names of perfumes the person who is gifting to other has enjoyed in the past. This allow a sales associate at a perfume counter or a specialist perfume shop to spot trends and patterns, determine whether the recipient favor floral, fresh clean scents, classic French, spicy warm or meditative incense perfumes.

Keep your perfume subtle. Aside from how overpowering scents can be, they can also trigger emotional reactions, not to mention migraines, in colleagues. You want to smell fresh and clean and not like you are trying to seduce or repel.

Perfume and the sun can be dangerous combination. Fragrances in the sun can cause your skin to break out. Form a rash and even discolour the skin. When out in the sun it is best to wear a fragrance designed especially for those  condition.

 When choosing a new fragrance do not go with the first scent you smell. Try the fragrance on and see now how well it wears. After the first couple of hours the first level of fragrance or note will have disappeared and be replaced by another scent all together. You may love or hate this change in the composition of the fragrance. And don’t wear one perfume when you are shopping for another.

Body odours can affect how your scents work on you. If you had a curry the night before or a large garlic pizza the smell is likely to come through your pores and affect your colognes. Try for a very light fragrance on those days as nothing will hide food odours and bathing in cologne is not a solution. Fragrances should be stored out of direct sunlight or they will lose their potency.

There are few points to share along, they’re as follows:

  • Layer your scent for a more subtle yet longer lasting fragrance. Use body washes and deodorants that match or complement your scent. Fragrances don’t have an eternal shelf life so use them before you lose them.
  • Unisex fragrances are often the best scents designed for both men and women can be great to wear to work if you want to smell terrific without standing out. Keep your very sexy and intense fragrances for when you are not at work.
  • Medications can change the way you smell. Medications and changes in both diet and environment can influence how fragrances smell on you and how well you smell them on yourself. Check with friends if you notice a difference before you either change your perfume or dab on some more.
  • Apply perfumes to pulse points for the best results. Your pulse points are at your neck in your cleavage and behind your knees. As your body heats up the scent will be released.
  •  Spray it in the air then walk in it. Once you open a bottle use it constantly until is emptied, Instead if you irregularly use it with the other bottles, you may find that you’ve got four half empty bottles of scent all deteriorated at the same time. If a gift arrives when you are halfway through one bottle don’t open the new one until the previous one is finished.
  • You could use perfumes into the rinsing water of your underclothes and to the last rinse after a shampoo. A drop on your third finger smeared across the eye brows after makeup will take off any powder and leave them fresh.
  • Don’t over dose on your fragrance. If you wear the same fragrance every day you will become very used to the scent. Don’t confuse this for requiring extra perfume. You could end up overdosing on it.

Keep balanced fragrance around, stay attractive 😋

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