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Convenience Vs Security in Online Shopping

by Rishi Chauhan
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Are you willing to sacrifice security so that you could be in your comfortable homes and chill out over Netflix? If you agree to the risks, it’s surely not worth it. In today’s world, a lot of hacking and data breaches are in motion. So secure measures need to be taken to avoid such mishaps. Convenience is preferred with the right amount of security. A Mississippi State professor of management and information systems once said nothing steals joy quite like identity theft, which could result from shopping transactions on unsecured websites.

Convenience as a priority

The reckless section of people i.e. the lazy, slothful, inert, torpid, etc. are the ones whose sole purpose is everything to be served to them. Online shopping has become way facile nowadays due to the well-designed interface with apt. filters. Due to the elementary design of applications like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. shopping has never been less exhausting and time-saving before. People who devote most of their time in business meetings are more likely to end up shopping online. So somewhere or the other for most people convenience is superior to security irrespective of online frauds or thefts.

Security as a priority

Prudent people tend to think twice before making any decisions whether it is purchasing something online or offline. Taking the necessary steps while buying something online leads to decreased chances of private information leak. An attentive batch of people often tends to observe and prevent identity thefts and financial scams. Shopping from an authentic site with a proper payment portal is the requirement to be guarded. Analyzing and contemplating the user reviews and site authentication are the means to defend oneself from cyber attacks. Be it less convenient but more secure at least makes an individual less worried while shopping online.


The above figure clearly shows consumers prioritizing factors for the various applications used by them. It generally comes to the fact that the urge to have a process less complicated with assured safety is what everyone desires. In today’s world applications with sophisticated data prioritize security over convenience to halt cyber-attacks. Online shopping portals are most prone to cyber-attacks so security is a must but too much security results in complications which is undesirable. Cyber-security expert Merrill Warkentin, a long-time faculty member at MSU’s College of Business and author of a book on electronic commerce, said online shopping offers many advantages, but consumers should stay aware of security issues.

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