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Abhinandan – Indian Pilot returns from Pakistan

NEW DELHI: After a suspenseful wait till night, Wing Commander Abhinandan Warthaman finally returned to his home soil today. The commander came at around 9:15 pm Indian time at Wagah-Attari Border at the Pakistan side, accompanied by Pakistani rangers, wearing casual clothes. The pilot who was shot down on Wednesday while flying the MiG-21 aircraft feels “good to be back” after his return. The Vice-Marshal of the Indian Air Force, Birendra Singh Dhanoa was present there to receive Abhinandan at the Wagah Border.

Since, the news of his return was made public by Pakistan media later this Thursday, local Indians started gathering near Wagah-Attari Border since early morning carrying flags and garlands. The release of the pilot was supposed to be made by 10 o’clock in the morning which got delayed twice. As per reports, the delay was made due to lack of paper works.

Wing Commander Abhinandan waiting at Wagah-Attari border at Pakistan Side

In scope of homecoming, the pilot inspired every individual of the nation, which was celebrated by variation of hashtags on social media and celebs and politicians sharing his photos saluting his courage and bravery.

“Welcome home Wing Commander Abhinandan! The nation is proud of your exemplary courage. Our armed forces are an inspiration for 130 crore Indians.” tweeted our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, soon the pilot crossed the border.

Vice Marshal R G K Kapoor waiting for the pilot at the Wagah Border

After the pilot’s return, reporting to the media, the Vice Marshal of IAF said that, “He will be taken now for a detailed checkup. This checkup is mandatory as he had to eject from an airplane which would have put his entire body under stress.”

The pilot’s father and mother who travelled all the way to Delhi from Chennai to see their son returning home received a warm standing ovation by the fellow citizens in the flight. The emotion of brotherhood and patriotism has been beautifully recorded in the history of our nation.


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