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Google Stadia Takes The Gaming Industry By A Storm

The internet giant, Google, has spearheaded a new mode of thinking about gaming, with streaming at its heart, and the physical consoles will be a thing from the past, at least when it comes to its Stadia service.

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A glimpse from a Google Stadia Conference.

The chief of Google Stadia, Harrison stated: “We are absolutely firm that we are not, will not, and will never release a console. [Stadia is] a new generation platform, rather than a next-generation platform.”

“I think that’s a really exciting moment for the industry. The whole world isn’t going to shift to that new model overnight, and it will take time for us to realize every aspect of the promise. But it’s a fundamental and, I passionately believe, an inevitable and one-way direction that the industry is moving.”

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Google Stadia Chief Harrison.

Coming to the hardware requirements of Stadia, the functioning of the service is basically dependent on your broadband speed, which will decide the gaming quality you will receive and is not affected by your RAM, GPU, and other hardware specifications. The team has also assured that players will receive a 4K resolution gameplay with 60 frames per second refresh rate capacity, for a relatively modest 30mbps connection.

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Experts across the internet and renowned people of the tech industry have shared their views about it. A major chunk of the reviews has been positive. TechRadar has stated their Early Verdict as follows: “If Google can figure out a system that works for everyone, with a pricing model that makes sense, that could be a serious game-changer for game-streaming services. Microsoft and Sony should be very, very worried about what comes next.”

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IGN was also stated as commenting that, “As mentioned above, we don’t have a firm release date for the Google Stadia launch. However, we know that Google is planning a 2019 launch for Stadia. Additionally, we don’t have price details for what the streaming platform or the specific Stadia controller will cost. And, while, technically, you don’t need to purchase a specific Stadia console, for players wanting to enjoy Stadia on TV, a Google Chromecast will be one of the options to play.”

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