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Picking The Correct Spectacle Frame For Your Face Shape

by Antara Kar
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Walking into a spectacle store, we have always been awestruck by the beautiful frames kept on display. After trying the gorgeous frames, haven’t we often wondered why the frames look great on the rack and not so good when we try them on? Well, the answer to this lies in your face shape. The shape of the face plays a significant role in determining the perfect frame shape and the frame size of a person. To solve this dilemma while choosing between thousands of frames, we have brought you a detailed guide on selecting the right frame for your face shape.

Estimating The Face Shape And Selecting The Right Frame

1) Oval Face Shape

An Oval shaped face comprises of well balanced proportions of every facial feature. In order to enhance the facial features with the spectacles, one should opt for an over-sized frames. The frame must be wider than the widest part of the face. The most suited frame for this shape of the face is the walnut frame. It is perfectly balanced and has an appearance that makes the frame look wider than the face.

2) Oblong Face Shape

An oblong shape face is recognized as it has a long length in comparison to the width of the face. The oblong face has a straight cheek line. In order to balance this face, one must opt for a frame that had more depth than width. It is highly recommended that people with this face shape should opt for a frame that has a decorative temple- piece.

3) Square Face Shape

Square face shape is recognized by a sharp jawline. One can notice that the length and the width of the face are approximately the same. Wearing eyeglasses softens the rough feature. Spectacles shapes with soft edges such as rounds soften the angles of the look making the face look well balanced.

4) Heart Face Shape

Heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead and a very narrow bottom. This face shape is sometimes referred to as the upside-down- triangle. In order to balance the wide width of the face, choose frames that are thin-rimmed, rimless, light- colored and airy.

5) Diamond Face Shape

Diamond faces are narrow at the forehead and jawline while they are broad at the cheekbone area. In order to balance this shape and, it is important that we draw the attention to the eyes. This can be easily achieved by opting for glasses which have a definitive rims such as cat eye glasses. Rimless eyeglasses also look good on this type of face shape. Such frames are used to extenuate the cheekbones and draw focus on the delicate features of the face.

6) Round Face Shape

A round face shape has the length and the breadth of the same measurement. Faces of this shape don’t have any angles visible prominently. Rectangular or square framed glasses are worn in order to extend the length of the face and add well defined angles to the face.

7) Base Down Face Shape

The Base Down Triangle Face Shape

This face type has a narrow forehead and a broad cheekbones as well as a broad chin. This face type is well suited with frames that are brightly colored and draw attention to the narrow part of the face. Cat-eye frames are best suited for such a face type.

One rule that must be followed is that “opposite features attract”. The rule is to select a spectacle that complements the features of your face. This must be done in order to bring higher symmetry to the face. The frames that we wear tells a lot about the personality of a person. Hence it is crucial that you follow the key rules to choose the right frame to bring out the best of your personality.

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