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West Bengal and the controversy

West Bengal is famous for its art and cultural reform. Even before independence, West Bengal was the centre of Britishers and known for its unity in diversity. Many social reformers and freedom fighters had emerged from here. The first battle of independence was fought in Barrackpore in West Bengal by Mangal Pandey. After 70 years of independence, we see many transformations in the country as well as in Bengal.

With time it has emerged as one of the metropolitan cities i.e. Kolkata also the capital city of Bengal in the country.

           In recent days we come to hear so many things about Bengal and its law and order. Even in the election campaign, the words used by the politicians were very unprofessional. The major war in Bengal is between the BJP and the TMC. The BJP wants its supremacy over Bengal while the TMC a strong party in Bengal is in no mood to loosen up their power. After every other day, we come to hear the death of the workers of both the parties. Every day there is a riot in Bengal in different areas. It shows how politics and desire to rule has become a matter of pride and ego, between which the common people are suffering. The right-wing claims that TMC is allowing Bangladeshi intruders to settle in Bengal illegally. While TMC accuses BJP of disturbing the peace of the state and harmony.

              In the general election, we saw a fall in TMC votes and a rise in BJPs. There could be several reasons, like the murder of workers helped them to gain sympathy votes which resulted in their victory over certain seats. Then comes the “Jai three Ram” controversy. People were being arrested for saying Jai Shree Ram. It provoked people’s aggression and wherever they see CM’s rally they started chanting jai shree ram. On one hand, BJP says that Bengal is neglecting the religious sentiments of the majority just for minority’s appeasement while the state CM says that the central party is using “jai shree ram” as their political slogan. Whatever would be the reason, it can be clearly seen that politicians are playing with the religious sentiments for their personal agenda.

                                                                        In protest of the above issues, BJP has called a statewide strike on 10th March and called it as a black day.

                                                              Politics is made for serving the nation and its people, it should not be taken in such a way that it starts ruling over people instead of serving them. Whoever wins or loses, the people of the country should be served well and the law and order should be maintained which Bengal is lacking these days.


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