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TRANSYLVANIA- Adobe of the paranormal

by Isha Chauhan
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Travelling in the ancient monasteries, passing through a medieval town is a dream for many travelers. The beautiful country of Balkans is a one-stop-diamond package for every guest. Being a combination of aesthetic, nature and culture, Transylvania offers a jaw-dropping beauty. The flourishing art scene all across the city adds on to its beauty. That’s not it. If you’re thinking about visiting Romania, be ready to cross the border between the worlds and be a guest for the paranormal.

Transylvania is the the home of Dracula, this itself gives you chills. Bren castle is Vlad’s prison. Vlad is the inspiration for Dracula in the Bran Stocker’s novel, Dracula. This is not it about the terror in the area, but just a trailer of the horror. The spooky forests, haunted medieval buildings and the magical mountains would never stop causing angst to visitors. So, if you’re a fan of the paranormal, this place is not less than heaven for you!


The creepy weird forest is located on the outskirts of Cluj-Napoca. It is a home to the paranormal. Europe’s Bermuda triangle, land of the mystery of 200 sheep that went missing in the forest. Ever seen a forest with twisted trees? I am not referring to the cinema here. This place is an adobe of twisted trees, with electromagnetic activities being off -par. Sight of UFOs, lights flickering and a lady growling is a common way to welcome it’s guests. Be ready for such a warm welcome, if you’re thinking to visit!

padurea baciu cluj


The beautiful fort in the town is home to the wandering souls of the well-designers, who were betrayed in the fort. A promise for freedom was converted to their death in this fortress of fear. Dark shadows of the prisoners still wander in there, guarding their bones which a placed in the fort. Fortress is a mini vacation place for Dracula ,who wanders to satisfy his thirst for the dreadfully captured souls. The cold spots in the area can actually give you chills. The dark moving shadows guide you in to the well and once you’ve reached their murder area, be ready for paranormal screams.

the scary Rasnov Fortress in Romania


The home to the spirit of Vlad’s wife, killed there in the castle when she was hiding from the Ottoman army. The 1400 stepped beauty, no doubt wouldn’t fail to satisfy you aesthetically but beware ! The blood sucking count who often visits to stay with his wife. Floating lights and screams of the paranormal never fails to petrify it’s visitors!

Poienari Forteress, a place of terror


Quite a cute name, but indeed not a Teletubby. The mysterious island works on its own will. A section of Godeanu mountains is invisible for hours in a day. The sacred mountain is believed to be a high energy deposit , making it a supernatural hub. Do keep an eye on the light shooting peak , if you’re planning to go on a hike there!

paranormal mountain_Transylvania_Gugu Peak


The belief that Vlad had a connection with the extraterrestrials is the sole base of the church. The beautiful monastery was once the most sacred place in the area. It has a painting quoted, “Israel, put your hope in the lord”. The church warns you with the danger within. Having a UFO painted within the premises, the church enables era-prediction. Adding on to the threat is the repeated laughs and cries heard continuously around Dracula’s hometown.


Transylvania is home to both – the intra and extra terrestrial. Leaving the viewers awestruck. The place is a perfect combination of both fun, happiness, laughter, threat and fear. It makes you astonished on one side and panicked on the other. Do visit the city of Dracula, if you wish to experience something out of the world!

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