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Bhangarh Fort: The Most Haunted Fort In India

by Antara Kar
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This mysterious yet magnificent fort is located at the border of Sariska Tiger Reserve in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. This infamous fort dates back to the 17th century. It is commonly referred to as the most haunted place in India. It is believed that this fort is subjected to immense paranormal activities so much so that even the Archaeological Survey of India (ACI) has banned tourists from entering the Bhangarh fort premises during the night hours. Sounds eerie right?

This fort was built in the 17th century by one of Emperor Akbar’s 7 Ratans, Man Singh 1. He was the son of Madho Singh 1. In the earlier times, this place used to be commonly filled with great hustle- bustle, this drastic transition of the fort has two separate stories to it.

Case 1: A Place Lost In Because Of Shade

It is said that King Madho Rao sought permission for building the fort from an aesthetic named Bala Nath, who once lived there. The saint had granted him permission to build the fort provided that the shadow of the fort should not fall on the home of any holy saint. Later as times changed, it is said that one of Madho Rao’s successors added to the fortifications. Thus, the shadow of the fort fall on the home of a sage. Lo and behold, misfortune had struck the place and the fort fell into the ruins.

Case 2: A Place Caught In A Limbo

This story is more common that the previous one. It is believed that Princess RatnaVati of Bhangarh was the main reason behind the fall of the mighty palace. A black magician once fell in love with the beautiful princess. He had bewitched the princess’ cosmetic with the help of his evil spells to make the princess fall in love with him. It was in time that the princess suspected foul play in the cosmetics. She poured it on a rock thereby crushing the evil magician to death. Before dying the magician had given a cursed kingdom that no soul will be able to live in peace there. Hence this lead to the fall of the mighty kingdom.

Adding On To Your Intrigue

The Bhangarh fort rampants are surprisingly well preserved unlike the other forts that have fallen into the ruins in Rajasthan. The historians say that there was a time when this place was buzzing with activity after which a series of unfortunate events unfolded and alas, the fort went into the ruins.

Bhangarh Fort At Night

The ACI had officially not permitted anybody to enter the fort premises after sunset and before sunrise. Once the last ray of the sun bids adieu to the fort, the entire structure is left into the eerie hands of chilling hollowness. Whenever one enters this fort, one always feels that they are being watched and experience an odd feeling of creepiness.

The Brighter Side of Bhangarh Fort

If we look into this fort from a positive point of view, you would love to know that the fort is situated at the borders of green luscious Sariska Tiger Reserve near Alwar and Jaipur. This fort is not very far from Delhi and can be considered as a very apt weekend get away for all the ghost-buster peeps out there. This fort has a very serene atmosphere during the morning hours and is a beautiful archaeological marvel in itself.

Sariska Tiger Reserve Greenery


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