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The Doctors’ Strike

by Puja Singh
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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. So is the profession of Doctors. We all know while passing out as a doctor they take an oath where they promise to serve to the core of their heart and try all the possible ways to save the patient. That’s why they are considered sometimes as God. But let me remind, they are not God, they are just human beings like us.

 The recent news about the doctors nationwide strike has shaken the system. Many doctors are resigning because they fear of mob attacks on them in case they fail to save a patient.

 The entire incident sparked from Neel Ratan Sarkar Hospital in West Bengal when a 75-year-old Md. Sayeed died while treatment. He was bought in critical condition. The doctors tried their best but unfortunately could not save the patient. Then the relatives of the patient accused the doctors and attacked them aggressively. After some time they came again and this time more violent than earlier. They attacked a doctor who was treating the patient, Dr Paribaha Mukhopadhyay. They hit him right on his head and injured his skull. This angered the entire staff and let them go for a strike. However, this is not the first time that doctors are being assaulted by a deceased patient’s relative. The thing is we have to understand that they are just a human being like you and me and not God. Soon the protest spread over other parts of the nation and every day some doctors are resigning. From 17/6/2019 they have called for an indefinite strike until their demands are fulfilled.

Since it’s is a nationwide strike, how could the political touch stay away. The CM of Bengal was called to look into the matter and pacify the strike. But there she issued an ultimatum saying she wants all the doctors to resume their work within an hour or else she would be taking strong action against them. This bought more outrage to the situation and now the doctors want to seek apology from the CM Mamta Banerjee. While on the other hand BJP is blamed to give this incident a communal colour. The CM says that the BJP is trying to persuade the doctors to not to treat the Muslim patients. Moreover, she said that the doctors outside of Bengal are not working well.  She is going to change the system of the inclusion of non-Bengali doctors. She also announced that she would scrape the quota of medical students who are not from Bengal.

 Soon after her ultimatum the senior and other doctors of Neel Ratan Sarkar Hospital resigned. Till now more than 700 doctors have resigned.

  We need to understand that doctors are not God. Beating and assaulting a doctor won’t bring our loved ones back. Grief is an obvious thing but don’t let it turn into anger because after all its us who are going to suffer. Just think if a doctor denies to treat us, we would be totally helpless. So respect them and their profession.

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