Home Celebrity “Sorry Babu” TO “I wanted Chota Sushant”: A SNEAK PEEK IN RHEA’S INTERVIEW

“Sorry Babu” TO “I wanted Chota Sushant”: A SNEAK PEEK IN RHEA’S INTERVIEW

by Piyush Kumar
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Since the demise of the popular actor Sushant Singh Rajput, a lot of rumours have been flown down on social media. Since the case was transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), every day some new story comes up taking the whole case to a new dimension. The death of Sushant took place on June 14th in his flat, since then the death case has been a mystery whether it is a suicide or murder. Rhea Chakraborty has been in radar since the death of the actor.

Rhea Chakraborty speaks up

Rhea Chakraborty earlier said that she won’t be talking to any media houses and won’t answer questions related to the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Although on August 27th, after approximately two and half months of the death of the actor, his girlfriend finally faced the camera and responded unanswered questions. The interview was carried for almost two hours.

According to Rhea these were some points she mentioned:

  • Sushant came in my dream and said to give this interview.
  • Sushant and I were going to have a baby Sushant.
  • Sushant was depressed because of her late mother who died out of depression.
  • Sushant used to smoke Marijuana and I stopped him constantly.
  • I said “sorry babu” after seeing his dead body because everyone was making a mockery of his death.
  • He did not have good relations with his family.

Sushant’s family reacts:

As soon as the news was aired that the media house was going to interview the main accused, Sushant’s sister from the United States took to Twitter to say that it will be an utter disgrace and slap on 130 crore Indians fighting for the justice of my brother.


After that, there were several more tweets done by her. She claimed that the interview was more of a publicity stunt and this should be halted. The interviewer also claimed that the popular actor was “MEDIOCRE ACTOR”.


Even Sushant’s father was taken aback after hearing the news. He said that this should be stopped straight away and Rhea was the only one who used to feed Sushant with drugs. He requested to the investigating agency that Rhea should be arrested immediately.

Twitter splits into 2 halves

As soon as the news went viral and the interview was telecasted on the national platform, the Twitter went on to split into two halves. The hashtags are trending since yesterday. People used hashtags such as #shameonAajTak and #ArnabGoswamy to show support towards Sushant. His fans and his followers did not like the idea of Rhea being interviewed.

While the other half impressed with Sardesai’s interview and Rhea’s tears joined her pity parties making the hashtag #justiceforRhea trend. According to people on Rhea’s side, until she is proven guilty she shouldn’t be called a criminal.

Well, the final decision is yet to come and the investigating agencies are still working on it. We all want that Sushant ought to get justice and the real reason of his death should not be hidden anymore.

The truth can be anxious, but it cannot be defeated.

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