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Social Media Degrading your Mental Health??

by Rishi Chauhan
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Are you obsessed with yourself?? If not then, I heavily doubt that as in today’s world every single person is more concerned with updating their profile so they don’t look odd in the evens. Figuring out how a person would stand out in a crowd is kind of started to become a priority these days. But the real picture is, it is the virtual self (personality) that counts or the pure self without any artificiality. A person’s decision is sometimes polluted by opinions posted by some random person which could turn out to be the right one or not. Some of the famous social media platforms nowadays are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Hike, Telegram, Slack, etc.

Below is the information related to few social media platforms:


Instagram affects an individual for sure both in a positive and negative way. I believe that how it affects depends upon the person. Instagram has some useful stuff like motivational quotes, the ongoing of famous personalities, entertainment shows, comfort songs, and several things that are good to watch and be updated. It is a huge platform to showcase our talents be it dancing, singing, writing, or other, it connects us to our loved ones. It has a positive influence. However, some people undergo inferiority complex while uploading pics, they waste hours listening to breakup songs therefore not moving on, get confused finding so much material that they spend all precious time on Instagram. Hence, it is a wonderful technology but as far as you are using it. When it comes to the extent of it using you then that’s the time it starts affecting you negatively.


Most immersive and quite a time-consuming app. The best part is it offers a vast variety of features like creative stickers, lenses (mask, glasses, etc.), frames, etc. But there are many kinks to it too like – it’s quite addictive. People invest a lot of time maintaining “Streaks” which is kind of illogical if you think as it doesn’t result in achieving something(reward). Whether you have had 100 or 200 days of streak in the end you just realize you have wasted the time.


All-time most compelling app that makes a person’s time tick away unknowingly. Every single person is engrossed in noticing another person’s “Status” which in particular does no good. In day to day life, WhatsApp certainly helps an individual with all the features i.e. stickers, voice calls, video calls (up to 8 people at a time), etc, but the use of it to a limited time would actually benefit a lot. Many people use it in a purpose to share valuable information, making client calls, connecting in the groups that may help them grow, this is how WhatsApp is used for the purpose of adding something positive to people’s life.


Facebook has impacted the social life of people in ways different from other apps out there. One of its snag is people obsessing over each other’s posts by scrolling down their profile almost every day. If used for the right reasons a noble cause e.g. Tree saving campaign, Animal rescue camps, etc.. could actually make a huge difference in everyone’s life.


It is one of the heftiest applications to deal with as every section of individuals i.e. politicians, athletes, celebrities, etc. are connected on a common platform. Every single Tweet(view) counts which gives the freedom to express his/her opinions out aloud. But sometimes certain people misuse their freedom by posting harmful content which could aggravate a delicate situation.

Unfortunately, the question that “Is Social media a boon or a bane” lies in how a person benefits from it according to his/her perspective. Mostly in my experience, I think it’s mostly a sluggish way of featuring yourself as a personality that is far from a real you. In other words, hiding from the real world in fear of outside expectations.

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