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DENIM FASHION- Trendy & Stylish

by Sanghmitra Bhardwaj
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Denims are classic type of fashion that will exist for long, it’s worthy to spend on denim stuff as they’re trend keeper. Whether it’s a full denim look with both upper & lower in denim or denim shirt paired with a gown, it always brings out your personality and adds strength to your character.

Here are few ways on how you can wear and style your Denim :

1. The full Denim Look :

Elegant and Classy. Wearing different shades of Denim makes you stand out in a crowd. In the world full of colors and many preferring black, different shades of Denim(Blue) is worth a try.

2. High waist Denim Jeans with Crop tops :

It can be a perfect College wear for girls who want to stand out and at the same time be fine. High waist Denim jeans makes your legs look longer and makes you look taller ( Pro tip for girls who wants to look taller).

3. Denim Shorts with Halter-neck Cropped Denim Jacket :

It gives you a sporty look. It goes really well with white shoes. Describing in two words- Comfort and Style. Ready-to-go Summer Outfit.

4. Ripped Jeans with a slip deep neck top :

This outfit is great for parties it sum up your elegance with style. Wanna Party , Get into this look-You go girl !

5. Denim Jacket/Shirt with a Gown :

Like seriously? This is a really insane combination. You always imagined gown to be elegant. But can you make that gown look funky? Hell yes!! Wear that Denim shirt/jacket with a gown, tie it around your waist or wear it without putting your arms inside the jacket, pair it with a converse or sneakers. You can also try to tie a knot in the shirt instead of buttoning it😉 .

To get more ideas of how to wear your denim shirt jump here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbtsZjSYRoE&feature=youtu.be

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