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Rise in Hope: A tale of lousy life

by Sakshi
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In retrospect did we realize how our lives had been before.
In hindsight did we realize how we didn’t live before.

From mundane style to a peaceful mind, the monotonous era has now come to an end.

Let me tell you a story
of a land with a lost glory

Everyone was running a race,
too busy, to contemplate.

Skipping meals was a regular,
a balanced diet, so peculiar.

Night owls had flourished,
early birds got extinct.

Neighbors were strangers,
strangers were friends.

Virtual reality was far more real,
and actuality, an illusion.

Money was all one goaled
Luxury had taken a toll.

A rectangular screen
had engulfed the globe
And lost was hope.

Benighted nature
had reached a breaking point
our every failure,
had it very disappoint.

Roads blocked, cities locked
offered no escape.
Lives, put on hold,
be it young or old.

And that was when
people stopped.

All took a moment
to reflect and recollect,
in retrospect.

Of the times when one
didn’t have time
for the things done
and the many many undone

Of the efforts,
and the thrives
to reinstate humanity.

Of the era when time,
contrast to its nature
had seemed to pause.

Of the darkest clouds
that seemed without any silver lining
but eventually disappeared.

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