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Famous Personalities and Their Look Alikes!

It is believed that there are at least 7 people in this world that look exactly like you. And how interesting would it be to find out you look alike and fool everyone around.

In this article, we have managed to find out some of the lookalikes of famous personalities. Lets have a look to go through to this article and find out how closely these people resemble their celebrity lookalikes.

#1 We still have BAPU with us

Mahatma Gandhi’s Look Alike

#2  Even the ex-most powerful man has a lookalike 😀

Barak Obama’s Look Alike Ilham Anas

#3  It’s ‘BHAIJAAN  RETURNS’….somewhat!! 😛

Salman Khan’s Look Alike

#4  Can you find out the REAL RANBIR ?? :O

Which one is real Ranbir?

#5 Do we have one more Prime Minister??!!! ……… lol .. no 😉

Narendra Modi’s Look Alike!

6.  This is so close…. ARJUN KAPOOR !! 🙂

Arjun Kapoor’s Look Alike Hitesh Gawalani (Hyderabad)

7.  Never believed even SONAKSHI will have a look alike!! cute…….isn’t it ! 😀

Sonakshi Sinha and Her Look Alike Javeria Abbasi.

#8  What if both of them are MR. BEAN ? Fun X 2!!!

Mr Bean’s Look Alike

#9  OMG !! That’s VIRAT! I can get one now!

Virat Kohli’s Look Alike

#10 This one is  killing me! :O That’s Leonardo Dicaprio!!!!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Look Alike!

Wasn’t is amazing! Share your or any other look Alike in the comment box below if you have found it!

Don’t forget to share! Maybe your look alike has already commented below! :p


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