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Facebook planning to merge major social apps ?

Believe me when I say this, a major change is said to be coming our way as many online sources suggest. It shall be a change which has the potent to transform the entire scenario of the social media industry and shape the trends coming in the near future.

As CNBC and New York Times suggests, Facebook has been preparing to assimilate the technical infrastructure of its major social media platforms, such as, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. The three of the above-mentioned ones are of high communal use today, personally as well as professionally. Facebook is said to be bringing up this change to improve management of data storage and application updates by centralizing its entire technical set-up.

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This move is very likely to attract the attention of media regulators, such as the FCC, CTIA and NCTA, with which Facebook has been in deep waters in the recent past.

The year 2018 has been very brutal to Facebook, when its CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg faced Senate Judiciary Committee during the joint hearing at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, due to the charges pressed against the company, stating violation of the privacy laws of the United States, and other countries, where the company enjoys a large community of users and generates hefty amounts of revenue from it.

Also, as far as privacy concerns arise, Facebook isn’t the only one. Even google has been in the spotlight lately. The Search Giant had been fined billions of dollars by the European regulators, for allegedly abusing its position as a search engine and mobile platform.

Social media is of great utility to mankind, provided that it does not cross the “PRIVACY line of control”.But, with this COMBINATION REACTION a question arises that ” What about the end-to-end encryption which Whatsapp provides us ?”. The unification of these 3 apps may lift the focus from privacy and encryption. After the recent privacy breach does it make sense for Facebook to merge these platforms, putting a question mark on end-to-end encryption of Whatsapp !


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