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The Green Way

by Ashish Kumar
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Mankind has always believed in karma and agreement to the concept has grown stronger than ever in the 21st century. I believe in it too. Another fact to which I couldn’t agree more is that we need to atone for the wrongs that have been done. Wrongs done by people, civilizations and all humanity for eons. Wrongs done to the planet blue.

The technology we’ve known has hurt the Earth in several ways, right from its birth at the manufacturing plant to its demise when disposed.

But the world has changed . It has realized the debt it owes to the planet. And, as it is said, better late than never. Mankind has started aligning itself with new, green and renewable technologies. Technologies that can sustain and help mankind sustain.

It’s a big turnover from our lifestyle and its ease. but, it’s inevitable that we play our part in saving our home . Here is a list of selected gadgets that will help you fulfill your responsibility towards the planet, your key to salvation.

1. Blossom 7

Blossom 7 is a smart watering controller that can make your water usage sustainable. It uses the minute to minute satellite-based weather data so that the sprinklers water only when required. This, in turn, prevents over-watering thus protecting the crop. You may also feed in a watering schedule and operate the sprinklers using using a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world, saving a tremendous amount of electricity and water. It’s a smart sprinkler of the new age.

2. Kasa

Kasa is a smart plug outlet developed by TP-Link. This smart plug may be operated using voice controlled assets like Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. You may turn on and off the smart plug using a smartphone. Not only that, but you can also schedule the smart plug to switch on and off automatically. You can now curb your electricity bills tremendously, keep your kids on a schedule and remotely control your home circuit.

3. Egloo

What if I told you that you could heat your dormitories without electricity and that too at a minimal cost of about 10 cents a day? Marco Zagaria, a student at an academy of fine arts in Rome has developed this clever heater called the Egloo. Egloo harnesses candle power to heat your room without electricity. It concentrates heat in a terracotta dome, radiating its heat to all corners of the room even after the candles have blown out. It not only makes your home cozy but also saves the planet’s vulnerable resources and gives your room a beautiful showpiece.

4. Amplio

This is one of my favorites. Amplio is a speaker with no wires, no batteries, and no electricity. This device, due to its intelligent construct, catches sound from the phone speakers and amplifies it from the cone-interior giving out an incredible stereo effect. Amplio is manufactured from bamboo and thus considered very sustainable.

5. Mitticool Clay Refrigerator

This all-natural clay refrigerator is a flagship product by MittiCool, a venture that is rooted in the concept of going back to our roots to revisit a healthier, more robust lifestyle. Made from terracotta clay, the MittiCool Refrigerator is ideal for storing water, milk, fruits, and vegetables. This award-winning product provides efficient cooling without electricity. It works on the simple principle of latent heat. And, functions like a traditional Matka or earthen pot. It’s truly value for money.

Now, it’s your turn to save the planet.

Go Green!!

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