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MenMen Fashion & Trends


Metrosexual!! A heterosexual man who enjoys shopping, fashion, and similar interests traditionally associated with women or homosexual men. So are you Metrosexual? Still Guessing? Here’s a checklist to help you clear your doubts.

  • You enjoy going to a spa for a professional massage.
  • You shave or wax your body hair.
  • Your home contains books on wine, spirituality, home décor, sex, or relationships.
  • Your bathroom holds fruit-scented body scrubs and moisturizing body wash. They’re yours, not your lady’s.
  • You spend more than Rs 300 on your hairstyle at a salon.
  • You can name five top menswear designers.
  • Your music collection includes at least half a dozen classical recordings
  • You work out frequently at a quality health club or gym.
  • You own [or want] a “man bag”.
  • You aspire to custom tailoring or wear quality labels.
  • You get a regular manicure and the occasional pedicure.

Today, we have an entire generation of cultural tastemakers as a consumer class above being a style class. This is an important distinction to make as fashion is after all a consumer art at best and at worst simply consumed. There is a great deal of Money placed on modern tastemakers and the ‘metrosexual’ class was just the latest in a long line of consumer-style class.

But being a 21st male trendsetter willing to embrace his feminine side isn’t just about looks, grooming, and possessions. It’s about leading a confident informed lifestyle and exhibiting classy behavior in such areas as etiquette. Dining, home environment, entertainment, sex, and romance.

The way you behave and conduct yourself in social situations is an indicator of your self awareness and your level of sophistication. Men today are celebrating with the new movement which is the return of the Perfect gentlemen.

And single women bruised from the rough, callous world of dating where perfect gentleman are very hard to find certainly welcome the metrosexual with open arms.

A lot of women have developed love or fondness for beards or bearded men, if you carry a beard, keep it stylish. Keep it clean and fresh by washing with a facewash or shampoo. To ensure it is soft and conditioned, apply some fragranced beard oil. The best time to do this is immediately after a shower when your skin pores are still open. There has been a rise in the sale of beard trimmers by almost 50 percent. Nowadays men are fiercely competitive about their beard. When two or three men come to the salon for trimming or styling. It’s almost a mental game among them as to whose look is better. Beards seem to have become the new battleground for male competitiveness. And it seems the women don’t mind it a bit.

Beards are for keeps. Beard is much more than a trend. It’s a lifestyle choice. The feeling of having a beard and stroking it can’t be explained – it just has to be experienced. As the beard grows, a man grows up too. Also, the beard is a great highlighter for the face. It adds drama and intensity. Beards are here to stay.

So, that’s all about being metrosexual. Men who know the art of carrying a stunning personality are men who lead.