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10 hacks to make you an iPhone Pro!


How often these thoughts strike your mind while you remain glued to your mobile for half of the day? Even when you spent most of the time on your phone, you gradually learn those tricks to use your smartphone in the best possible manner. Therefore, smartphones should come with a little guide book having all the hacks in order to help you use your phone smartly. So, to reduce your trouble and make you work smart, here are some tips that will help you use your iPhone like a pro!

#1 Keyboard hack: Double tap the spacebar for a period at the end of the sentence and to start a fresh sentence with a capital letter.

#2 Ear plug hack: Now click a selfie without even touching your iPhone. Press the + button of your ear plugs to click a pic without losing the focus.

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#3 Home-screen hack: Do your small hands does not reach the top of the home screen of your iPhone 6 or 6 plus? Don’t worry. Double tap the home button (do not click it) and the menu will drop down by a few centimeters!

#4 Volume hack: Music experience being ruined by annoying noises around you? Now, no more forced bothering of what’s happening in the person’s life sitting next to you in a crowded train. Just go to Settings>Music>EQ>Late Night and enjoy your tunes in peace.

#5 Browsing hack: Do you ever realize that you need to copy some content from another mail in your inbox while composing a new one? Now, avoid the hassle of first saving the email in Drafts and then copying the content. Just, tap in between Cancel and Send to minimize the New Message window. Now, you can easily scroll through your e-mail and return to the New Message window at the bottom of the screen!
#6 Keyboard hack: Typed the entire text and notices a mistake in the sentence formation? Just shake your phone to undo typing and write a fresh text without wasting a minute!

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#7 Reading hack:Don’t install any third-party Dictionary app on your iPhone. It already has an one inbuilt. While reading, long press the word whose meaning intrigues you and click on the ‘define‘ option from the list of options and enhance your vocabulary!

#8 Maps hack: While traveling abroad, the international data pack creates a big hole in the pocket. So, if you wish to browse maps on the go, cache maps for offline use. Zoom in the location you are about to visit, type OK Maps in the search bar and your map will be saved for further reference.

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#9 Browsing hack: There are times when we go too far as we scroll through a web page on our iPhones. Scrolling to top may be hassle in some cases. But iPhone’s smart feature will scroll to top just with a tap! Just, tap the status bar (the bar which mentions time and signal strength) and you will be redirected at the top of a webpage!

#10 Keyboard hack: Do you find switching to and fro numeric keypad and alphabetic keypad hectic? Press and hold ‘123’ button on your keyboard and slide to the character you wish to input. As you will release the button, alphabetic keyboard will be resumed!

So, now when you are smart enough to use your iPhone like a pro, go on and show off with your friends the power you got just now!
Got some more interesting tricks to share? Comment it below!

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