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Walk of serenity in Chikhaldhara

by Meghna Mishra
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As said unplanned trips are the best so was my one day trip to Chikhaldhara, which is a scenic, small hill station at an altitude of 1118m in the Amravati district of Maharashtra. The place is historic district as in the epic Mahabharata, it was here, where one of the Pandavas, Bheema fought a herculean battle with the villainous Keechaka and after defeating him; threw him into the ravine. It thus came to be known as Bheem Kund and the place was called Keechakdara and eventually got the name of Chikhaldara.

My college mates and I got into our car in the morning around 8 and drove to the destination. The view has been tremendously eye-catching throughout the trip with winds whispering to my ears. We were chattering but more than that we got ourselves into the music playing in the backdrop. Such a wonderful pair, greenery and blue skies. The roads were narrow enough to make way for vehicles from the opposite direction. We took a halt in the midway where the view from the hilltop was breathless. We clicked pictures and groupies, just like some other travelers there. I was lost in the clouds as if they’re some puffy cotton balls in different shades.

With lush and green, deep and misty valleys; breath-taking waterfalls, placid lakes the quaint little hill station is an ideal getaway from the mundane urban life. We spent a good time at windmill farm as the beauty of nature encloses you where the horizon has never felt so real. The Melghat Tiger Reserve is just 2 hours (70.8 km) drive away from Chikhaldara.

The food is at reasonable prices although you shouldn’t expect many varieties. We headed to Amba Devi temple, you can take a camel and horse ride in the lawn there. You’ll see the waterfall and the temple is made within rocks so water keeps pouring which is overall a divine experience. In between, there is a lake where the reflection of clouds seems like a glass painting.

Gawilgarh Fort

Our next stop was Gawilgarh Fort on the Chikhaldara plateau, it holds a spot of relevance in the Indian mythology as it was the ruling seat of King Virat with whom the Pandavas resided while exiled. Just before the evening, we were at the Sunset Point. The view was mesmerizing as if I were in a Wonderland. It was subtle, scenic and spiritual for me altogether.

A few meters ahead, we were at Kichakdara, a waterfall that sways and speaks stories. I was intrigued at that moment like how nature functions. With the whole day walking in the arms of nature, we drove back to Amravati.   

Kichakdara Waterfall

Make sure you visit Chikhaldhara, somewhere away from the regular conundrums of life. Somewhere you find yourself or rediscover the truths about life.

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