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The mysterious beach that plays Hide and Seek !!

by Isha Chauhan
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Travelling is what defines us. It gives meaning to our lives. Ranging from the fascinating experiences we learn in the journey to the memories that we make throughout, remains with us, forever that never fails to astonish us. Adding cherries on the top of the cake, what if these memories become more of a mysterious adventure?  Would you leave that chance? The long list of magical adventure awaits for its guests, beginning from the lake of skeletons to the beach that plays hide and seek and a lot more!

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to travel and get sharper


As kids we all loved playing hide and seek. Ever thought a beach playing that game with its visitors? This is not a joke or a mere fascination, but a reality. Chandipur beach in Odisha is the mystery that revolves. More prominently known as the hide and seek beach, it disappears in front of your eyes leaving behind no trace of its existence. After a while reappearing in the same manner as it was. Surprising, isn’t it?


The hide and seek beach periodically disappears and then reappears right in front of your eyes. Being an adobe to the heavenly golden stretch of Casuarina trees, pristine waters and the remarkable lush green coast vegetation.

The diversity of the mystery land is not the only attraction. It brings new creatures each time, when the sea reappears, adding on the biodiversity of the beach.

the beautiful mystery of hide and seek beach
Source: Nativeplanet


The sea plays the trick twice a day that never fails to astonish the guests. The sea disappears twice, during the low tide occurrence in the sea, influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon. Though having no specific time, but the locals are well acquainted with when the magic begins.

The moon cycle is the basic reason behind the mysterious sea that loves playing hide and seek. The sea water retreats during low tides for a couple of minutes, leaving behind no clue that it ever existed. Even a detective cannot find its mere existence at that time!

But after a few minutes, it reappears during the high tides. Bringing back the red crabs, gastropods, mollusc species and a lot more adding to the biodiversity.


Those five minutes of retreat are a step closer to heavenly beauty. The floor of Chandipur is the best art form that can prevail. Beautiful sand structures and stone designs made on the sea floor leaves you awestruck. Believe me, have a sight of the nature’s drama being there at its best and your day is made!

the hide and seek miracle
Source: Nerd’s Travel

SCENIC BEAUTY – a visual paradise

The most interesting experience is that walk on the beach the sea recedes. Imagine being able to walk over a sea bed which was flooded with water a few seconds earlier. Giving no less than a superpower to the guest of being able to walk on the sea. The sight of a red crab-walking next to you after the retreat adds on to its beauty. The best place for a beautiful candle dinner, adding on to the romantic whisking with a special one.

beach filled with red crabs
The beach filled with red crabs


If you’ve made your mind to visit and experience the magic of the beach. The best time to visit is between November to January. The golden beach festival adds on to the beauty of the miracle.

Beautiful shell at hide and seek beach
Source: odtravels

A trip to the beach would surely take your breath away with the miracles that our country prevails. The never-forgetting experience of the stunning sunset with a sea that plays hide and seek is no less than a visual treat, at least once to be experienced by all. Do plan a trip soon and see the magical beach with your own eyes – a lifetime experience that would never fail to amaze you!

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