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The Tragedy of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

by Saumyaa Bisht
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Celebrity breakups are a typical occurrence these days. However, the circumstances between Johnny Depp and his ex- wife Amber Heard are undoubtedly messed up. There have been allegations of physical assaults by both parties. Amber donated all her divorce settlement. Is Amber as noble as she seems or this is an act? This couple who met on the sets of The Rum Diary initially seemed to be in love. Now the couple has been fighting a long legal battle.

The Double Life of Amber Heard

New proof has been found in the form of a 911 call. The call has risen many questions as both sides say that it complies with their side of the story. It’s not surprising that Amber has been on the wrong side of the law even before. Johnny believes that soon after his and Amber’s marriage, she started straying. Johnny accuses her of spending time in a new relationship. He submitted documents in his defamation lawsuit that state she was in a relationship with Elon Musk and Cara Delevigne . Even the SpaceX designer admits that he was devastated after their breakup. Amber made accusations at Johnny that caused him his career. Two days after Johnny’s mother died, she served him with divorce papers. While Johnny was struggling to keep up his image, Amber presented herself as if she could do no harm.

During a police investigation, Amber admits to have hit her ex. This is not the first time Amber has had legal troubles. She faced a 10 million dollar lawsuit from the produces of the film London Fields. Heard was accused of banning the promotion and making unauthorized changes to the script. She was also arrested on a misdemeanor charge when she had an argument with her ex girlfriend.

A Series of Lawsuits and Evidences

Their problems didn’t end with their divorce. Johnny filed a 50 million dollar lawsuit after Amber wrote a piece about him in The Daily Washington Post. Johnny mentioned that the article cost him his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and other projects. A 911 call surfaced as evidence just before the couple’s final battle regarding their divorce. Both halves say that the recording collaborate their side of the story. Both Amber and Johnny have a very different version of this.

One of the main arguments in Johnny Depp’s case against Amber is that her accusations about him are all part of an elaborate hoax, elaborate, but poorly executed. Johnny says that she painted on bruises and clicked pictures of them. If Johnny Depp’s legal defense team can prove that Amber Heard falsified evidence against him, she faces some serious jail time

Johnny’s public image may have been damaged but he has a lot of supporters. His ex Winona Ryder, says that Amber’s description of Johnny is false. It is the farthest thing from the Johnny she knew.

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