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Kasol : The Mini Israel of India

by Hashtag Kshitij
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Kasol, also known as Mini Israel of India is the most peaceful place I have ever been to. It holds the beauty of the Himachal and the wonderful aura that just makes you feel different altogether.



The place is well connected by roads. The drive to the Parvati valley would be a great pleasure. If you like riding, Kasol can be your best getaway.

I and my friends used the package provided by Tripver. We reached Bhunter by a Volvo and continued further via the local bus that runs in the area. Then we walked to our hotel in Katagla, near Kasol.

The journey was great. We interacted with new people and got to know a little about them.

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There are many hotels situated on the banks of the Parvati river. There also many camps available to experience the adventure and the feels of the area.

We were taken to the White House Hotel. It was a decent place with good rooms and great foods. Eating food with new friends was itself a good experience.



In the evening, we walked all the way through Malana along the riverside to Kasol. There we all four took out our cameras and captured the beauty of that place. I ate momos and believe me, those were the best momos I ever had in my entire life. Then we started strolling across the streets. All the cafes were decorated with dim lights and posters of Bob Marley or Lord Shiva. The Trance playing in the background added the cherry to the aura. People were enjoying Marijuana and their visit to the mini Israel of India.

In the night, our seating was arranged around the bonfire. The freezing cold, some people smoking joints, enjoying drinking and the music altogether gave me a whole new experience. Muktesh announced that we’ll be leaving early morning for Tosh village. So we went off to sleep.

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We got up and after having the breakfast we left for the trek. I was walking along with the captain, who was a localite. I interviewed him about their lifestyle and learnt a lot about their culture, their livelihood, staple food etc. It was great talking to Jai.

Trek Completed for Tosh Village. It was my first ever trek.

The trek was a bit difficult initially. It was my life’s first trek. The terrain was a bit rough and tiring. I joined my friends at the first stop. After clicking a few pics we continued the trek. The way was long but was not that difficult. Timely stops, photography, and talking to new and old friends made the way to the village much easier yet tiring.


On reaching Tosh, we entered a random cafe and had food. Then we sat around a table and bon-fire to fight the chilling cold and got to know each other a bit more. After a cup of tea, we decided to go back.


Coming back from the village itself holds a new experience which only a few of us got. Many decided to go back to the starting point by cab. But I was stubborn about going back through the same path. The sun was setting, and Muktesh, me, and four other people went back trekking. Trekking through the terrains in the dark gave serious goosebumps. I guess it was my first and the last trek in which I used a torch. Getting down was not at all easy, but our love for adventure helped us to complete the trek. The best part was that we reached the base camp before the ones coming by cab. That feeling can not be described in words.

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On our way back to Katagla, we stopped by the Manikaran Saheb Gurudwara to worship and have some langar. Then, we also soaked our legs in the hot spring water. Oh my god, that was the pleasure I was waiting for. All the tiredness just got dissolved in the heat and gave my legs a perfect therapy. We all were reluctant to leave, but due to a shortage of time, we had to leave. Manikaran was not the part of the itinerary, but the visit to this place really left me spellbound.

The dinner was again accompanied by the bon-fire and this time loud music and lots of fun and game activities. It was great.



Malana is most famous for its Malana cream which is also a type of Marijuana. The third day we got up in a relaxed mood by afternoon and started our so-called trek through the Malana village. It was like a walk through the village, just a long one. Don’t know why it was so fun. Anyways, it was good enough for my camera to capture the memories. Then we stopped by a cafe to have a cup of tea and a light snack. Later we were again taken to Mini Israel. There I sat on a rock near the waterfall on my own and soaked in all the peace and calmness of nature. It was the best part of the trip. Then after an approximate half-hour of peace, I went over to my friends. There I ate momos and then enjoyed waffle at the Moon Dance Cafe.

After that my friends did some shopping and everyone gathered around the cafe. We all then got together and marched towards Katagla.  It was time for us to board our bus for our way back. No one wanted to leave that place. Everyone was so much in love with the peace and beauty of that place, that it left a deep impression on my mind.  I will never forget that trip. It is the best escape from your lethal routine.

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