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Food and mood

The food we eat very often has a great effect on our mood. When we are hungry, we are usually nervous. On the other hand, overeating is not only badly reflected on the figure, but also on a psychological state, a sense of guilt and even sorrow. However, many food ingredients are known to improve or worsen the mood.

Sugars are radically affected by the brain. Simple sugars found in sweets quickly enter the bloodstream and cause a great deal of insulin secretion, so that the sugar gets into the cells. The consequence of this is an abrupt decrease in blood sugar, which comes from the state of the so-called Hypoglycaemia in which a person feels irritable, nervous, sleepy, and concentration weakens. On the other hand, complex carbohydrates have a low glycemic index, they slowly enter the bloodstream and do not cause rapid insulin secretion. Glucose from the blood slowly passes into the cells and the feeling of satiety lasts much longer. Therefore, there is a general recommendation that the best food for brains of fruit, whole grains, vegetables and legumes and dairy products. It should be noted that it is better to eat whole fruit than fruit juice. However, fresh fruit juice is in any case a better choice than an industrial one in which very often sugar is added.

What is known to many is certainly the stimulating effect of caffeine from coffee and tea. It is very important to know that this positive effect can only be achieved if it does not exceed the dose. Otherwise, there will be harmful effects, irritability and nervousness.

Vitamin B complexes have a positive effect on the health of the nervous system. First of all, it is a folic acid that has a lot in green leafy vegetables. The lack of folic acid causes a decrease in serotonin (the so-called hormone of happiness) and consequently a mood falls. Moderate eating of hot peppers also improves mood. Namely, they contain capsaicin that stimulates the secretion of endorphins that causes a pleasant lousy. Of course, we should not forget about chocolate. Due to the content of teobromine, phenylethylamine, tryptophan and caffeine, it stimulates the secretion of ednorphine and the creation of a sense of well-being. A similar situation occurs when eating bananas and chicken. Certainly, it is necessary to pay attention to the sufficient input of iron. Anaemia very often causes poor oxygenation of the cell, and therefore the brain, so anaemic people feel tired and sleepy. For the health of brain cells, omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish of the North Sea and sardines, are very important. Various seeds, almonds and tofu contain higher amounts of tyrosine, which is necessary in the synthesis of dopamine and other neutrotransmitters associated with good mood. Alcohol also slows down brain cells and contributes to depression.

So, in addition to having enough sleep, relaxation and laughter, it is useful to eat all these foods that has been listed but also avoid sweets, junk food, industrial juices, and drink enough water for good mood.

Next time you eat any food, make sure it has proper nutrition. Moreover, don’t forget to exercise for efficient results on your body, be it walking, yoga or even dancing.


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