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The lockdown due to Covid-19 has deeply effected every facet of life. Tours and travel industry has also faced a major setback. All travel routes were suspended for a long time. Certain countries have come up with Air travel bubbles to facilitate traveling airways. So, what is Air bubble travel system? Let’s tell you about it.

Travel bubbles or bilateral “air bridges” or air corridors or travel bridges are a method of traveling applied by countries to control where travelers come from. So, it is a temporary arrangement between two countries that intent to restart commercial passenger services during the pandemic. According to an Oxford University researcher, “In a ‘travel bubble,’ a set of countries agree to open their borders to each other but keep borders to all other countries closed. So people can move freely within the bubble, but cannot enter from the outside. The idea is to allow people additional freedom without causing additional harm.

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The travel bubbles allow people to move freely within the bubble. So, people can have the freedom to travel without infecting anyone or without getting infected. Moreover, travelers will no have to stay in quarantines after they reach their destination or on return. But, this arrangement will have certain limitations as well. Certain factors such as the state of Covid-19 in both countries and dependence on each other commercially and culturally will determine whether this method fits for both the countries or not. This system is like a partnership between countries that have the Covid-19 situation in control or trust the testing methods.

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India has also initiated the travel bubble system with 13 countries including Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Israel, New Zealand, Italy, Nepal, Bahrain, Kenya, the Philippines, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Australia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Bhutan. Establishing a travel bubble system will directly boost the travel and tourism and the hospitality industry of the countries. Thus, supporting the economy. The waiting period for travelers from countries where the virus has been contained is finally over.

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