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Rafale Fighter Jets: Full Range Of Advanced Weapons

by Antara Kar
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The Rafale fighter jets would be the most advanced fighter jets in the history of IAF till date. The Rafale fighter jet is far more faster than the currently existing most advanced jet, SU 30 MKI and is abled with highly more advanced features. The Rafale fighter jet is designed and manufactured by the French aviation company, Dassault Aviation. The French company has aided the fighter jet with several weapons with abilities such as ground support, in depth striking, anti-ship striking, aerial reconnaissance, nuclear deterrence and many more. To put an end to the curiosity, here is a list of the advanced features that the jet has been enabled with making the Rafale stand for its high worth.

1) The Perfect Design

The Rafale is a modern day fighter jet which is well known for its robust agility and good manoeuvrability. It is an aerodynamically unstable aircraft hence uses digital fly-by-wire type flight controls to manoeuvre and have good stability. It is big news that Rafale has enough low speed performance that it can operate at special configured aircraft carriers and can easily take off with the help of a ski-jump only. The fighter jet has been excellently engineered in such a manner that it can easily cope with additional stresses of naval landings which are only extended on the jets during short type take-offs.

2) Radars and Sensors Usage

The Rafale has been made in a way that it has reduces radar usage instead it relies more on infrared signature for directions. This concept has been implemented by reducing the size of the tail-fin, reshaping the fuselage and repositioning the engine air inlets under the wings. This fighter jet has achieved high levels of situational awareness if we compare it with the earlier aircraft models in use. Therefore it can locate and target multiple air targets for close range combat and long range interception. The Rafale is aided with 3D maps which work on real-time scenario thereby helping the pilot navigate easily. The Rafale has reached the supremacy in air because of its excellent passive sensors.

3) The Cockpit

The display of the cockpit has been made in a way that it arranges the list of information based on priority of the job in hand. The cockpit is enabled with voice input control system thereby allowing the aircraft to be controlled by spoken voice inputs hence simplifying the pilot’s job. To ensure a proper visibility of the information, the cockpit is enabled with wide-angled holographic display. The cockpit at night has a view which is similar to that viewed by a full night vision goggles.

4) Avionics And The Equipment

The Rafale is aided with an integrated defensive-aid system called SPECTRA. This system is responsible for protecting the aircrafts against airborne and ground threats.

5) Armament

The Rafale jets which are F3 types are capable of performing different mission roles with great ease. 

6) The Jet Engines

The Rafale has two fitted engines which are capable of several advanced actions in the war field. The jet engines contain several advanced features such as releasing non-polluting combustion chamber, single crystal type turbine blades, powder metallurgy and technology which reduce the radar’s infrared signals.

The Rafale can easily take off from areas of high altitude such as Leh. Since the fighter jet is abled with outstanding load carrying capacity, it can successfully manage to carry out both air to ground and air to air attacks. With such a high beast like weaponry in store for the IAF, the nation has surely acquired a gem for its safety. The Rafale has great potential and it will enhance the Indian air superiority to a higher level.

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