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The mystic man who lived without Food & Water for 70 years!!

by Isha Chauhan
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Food and water are the basic necessities of every individual. We send our entire lives earning for the food and all sorts of luxuries in our lives. While talking about superhumans, the very first thing that comes to our mind is a person either with wings or with energy to travel from one galaxy to another. Isn’t it? Imagine now, not being able to eat for about a week? Would you be able to survive? Most of us would not be able to. But our real superhero, Prahlad Jani” survived without all the human-made greed, including food and water for more than 70 years. Isn’t the mystic yogi unbelievable?


“Prahlad” more commonly known as “mataji” was born in Amaji in the year 1929. He had claimed to have had a meal last in 1940. From then till his death he claimed to have survived without a single drop of water as well as food. A devotee of lord Amba is said to have been blessed with divine powers. Jani whenever asked, about his superpower, gave a single reply, “It is the goddess who provides me with water and food, so I do not have any materialistic greed“. The statement still continues to be a matter of surprise for scientists, examining his very way out of existence.

Jani lived as a hermit in a rainforest, spending most of the time meditating. Even after many investigations on how the mystic superhuman survived, his means of survival remains under question.

the mystic yogi


With the claim of surviving without food and water for over 70 years, the breatharian monk came into limelight. Being a devotee of Lord Amba , he guided the devotee path for their happiness. The news of fasting from 70 years travelled faster than the speed of light around the globe, leading scientists curious about the phenomenon that existed.

Dr.Sudhir conducted an experiment for 10 days. Jani was left inside a close room with null interference or zero allowance to meet anyone. Everyone expected a certain change in the metabolism of the body. Much to the surprise after the experiment, Jani was completely fit and fine. The very belief of him having a hole in the palate was true, giving a slight explanation of the mystic phenomenon.

Science didn’t stop here. The quest for knowing the reason continued, this time under complete surveillance. The mystic yogi was under observation for 15 days without food and water. For the first week, he wasn’t permitted to bath. The outcome expected was to be somewhere in the general range this time. Much to surprise, again science failed. Tests and scans were normal. It is a matter of surprise, “ how Jani lived without food and water for such a long time.”

That is not it. The mysterious life of Mataji has more to astonish you. His body hadn’t even ever produced metabolic wastes in the past 70 years. Adding on the list, brain imaging for Jani reveals his pineal and pituitary age to be equivalent to that of a 10-year-old, that gave a probable explanation to the phenomenon that he persisted.

mystic yogi


Even after years of investigation on the phenomenon Jani’s life is a mystery untold. Leaving behind no scientific evidence. The research even concluded that it is a miracle, probably the power of being a superhuman.

Science had no answer for the magic that prevailed. It was the secret that Jani took along with him. No one can survive without food but he was par the bars to achieve divinity. His life was and will always continue to be a mystery for one and all.

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