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Germ Falcon: Flight Sanitizing Technology

by Piyush Kumar
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Today, the whole world is suffering from the pandemic situation due to COVID-19. Across the globe, thousands of people are dying every day due to this disease. People are suggested to maintain social distancing, wash their hands regularly and wear a mask when visiting outside their homes. These simple rules help people to prevent themselves from the virus spreading around them. As everyone is aware of the fact that the COVID-19 spreads instantly while a person sneezes or cough near the surrounding people. Hence, during this type of situation, no one wants to get caught by the virus. Therefore, there has been a boom in the advancement of technology to inactivate the virus and disinfect the contaminated zones.

The GermFalcon Machine
( Source : GermFalcon )


The airlines want to provide their customers with full safety and assurances during the time of their flight. Hence, to provide safe and healthy traveling, airlines are now using the technology of Ultra-Violet Radiation for disinfecting their planes. This device’s name is GERM FALCON. This is fast and effective for cleaning purposes. A California based father-son company has designed this GermFalcon to sanitize the planes. It is the first-ever company to develop this device. The design of the patent product is similar to that of the food cart used in the airlines. The device was designed in the year 2014 but the actual demand for the product has paced up after the outburst of the pandemic. Therefore, the company has decided to provide services Free of Cost to American airlines.

Technology Used:

This device was actually designed to inactivate the harmful viruses and bacteria and prevent Influenza from spreading. The patent company uses 100amps from a lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack in their mercury lamps’ output wiping out the complete flu and viruses in just three minutes. In the beginning, the device was also experimented in hospitals and labs. The device does not use any kind of chemical substances to clean the flight. The GermFalcon uses the UV-C to disinfect the viruses. It is seen that 254 nanometer UV-C is optimal for sanitizing the germs and similar purposes. The UV-C is specially used in hospitals and microbiology labs to kill germs. UV-C lamps which are “long cylinder” like fluorescent bulbs used in schools. The distance between two consecutive lamps are short in order to increase effectiveness.

A working demo of the technology

Using this device, there will be a tremendous decrease in the time taken to clean up the airplanes, the labour will be reduced and the effectiveness of this device will be enhanced. It is found that around 93% of people use airlines that regularly disinfect their planes.

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