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On the Spot with MindBrews: Experience Smartphone Astrophotography with Atharva

Welcome to On The Spot with MindBrews – a creator’s space where you wouldn’t mind being put On The Spot.

This week, we’re excited to welcome Atharva Maurya, a rising astrophotography star from Bhadohi! Join us as our host, Yash Kothari, sits down with Atharva for an inspiring journey. We’ll explore Atharva’s incredible story, from his early fascination with the night sky in Bhadohi to capturing breathtaking celestial objects with a basic setup.

Things we cover:

  1. Atharva’s Beginnings: Discover how a small-town guy with big dreams began capturing the universe’s wonders using just a smartphone.
  2. Inspiration Strikes: How Atharva’s inspiration, “Support Earth,” transformed his hobby into a mission to educate and inspire others about the beauty and science of the cosmos.
  3. Starlight Adventures: Atharva shares the thrill of his first celestial capture and the challenges he faced along the way.
  4. Celestial Wonders Unravel: Experience the cosmos through Atharva’s lens as he shares his first successful capture and the challenges of photographing distant celestial objects.
  5. Planetary Alignments and Beyond: Delve into the significance of planetary alignments, and revisit the remarkable alignment of 2020 through Atharva’s eyes.
  6. Gear Talk, Simplified: Thinking about starting in astrophotography? Atharva shares his honest advice on getting the right gear without spending a fortune.
  7. Moon Mission Insights: Atharva’s take on the Chandrayaan-3 mission and the excitement of capturing space history through his lens.

Watch the podcast below. You can also tune into Spotify and listen in!

Yash Kothari, 26, our host hails from Mirzapur, India. His journey is a story of curiosity and connection, hold through his YouTube Channel “Being Curious with Yash“. He loves traveling down knee deep into conversations with diverse groups of people, with different interests and ventures. Him aim? Simple, really. To inspire others to also stay curious with him, and this embracing his motto “stay hungry, stay foolish”.

Atharva Maurya, 18, hails from Bhadohi, India. Only a year into sharing his astrophotography on YouTube, he’s earned brownie points and lot’s of respect from viewers and fellow space enthusiasts. His biggest moment so far (many more to come) was 413,000 views on YouTube. For him, looking at the night sky isn’t just a hobby; it’s his (career) soulmate. Follow his channel Astrogazer on YouTube.

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