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Digital Kindness is necessary towards Teachers

We have often heard of ragging at schools at colleges. Now there is a new trend of harassing teachers and professors during online classes. Due to the rising cases of coronavirus, educational institutions have been shut. Everything has been switched to the online mode. Every individual has been doing their assigned tasks digitally. Most of them being teachers and professors who have been away from technology for most of their lives as more than 70 per cent of teachers are over the age of 30.

Being born in a family of teachers, I’ve always had incredible respect for them. I want to get into academics as well. Since I joined college I noticed the behavior of my fellow students towards the faculty. Obviously, everyone wants to be in their good books because they decide our grades. But how do we react to them when they are not around? I think it’s no secret. We have all witnessed students misbehaving with our educational instructors, if not not once, well more than that.

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The issues faced by teachers that you don’t know about…

You’d be lying if you say that you haven’t seen videos where teachers are mocked and abused lately. Factually, almost 68 per cent of teachers are not familiar with ICT training. This refers to Information and Communication Technologies. Most of them are not familiar with digital platforms and are learning for “OUR” sake, to provide “US” with education. We should be supporting and helpful. What are we doing instead? Insulting them. Bullying them. Why? Well because it’s apparently “FUN” for some of us or maybe just the lack of ethics and discipline.

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Let me tell you what is happening behind the scenes. Schools and colleges are exploiting both students and their employees. According to the conversations that I’ve had with people in academics, teachers are being used. If you are a student, you must be aware that most educational institutions are not reducing the fee chargeable for the upcoming semester. In addition, they’re kicking out their employees and the ones that aren’t are being payed less. Now imagine how stressed somebody in a situation like this must be. Somebody who has never used online platforms, who is constantly worried about losing their job and being payed less than they used to receive.

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Everybody deserves a little kindness. Especially, during times like these. We can’t do anything about the virus until an antidote is developed. What we can do is be kind to our teachers and everybody around us.

It is a terrible time to exist, the least we can do is try and make it tolerable until everything is back to normal.

Stay Humble, Helpful and Healthy.

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