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Iran: The Majesty’s Crown

by Aastha Jaiswal
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Iran, also known as Persia and officially known as Islamic Republic of Iran, found in Western Asia with over 81 million inhabitants and 18th most populous country in the world. The most attractive thing in Iran is their royal jewels collection which has been found on the vaults of Central Bank of Iran in Tehran, which is the most appealing tourist attraction. It possesses extraordinary treasure and royal jewels having most dazzling and valuable royal collection in the world. The royal crown would capture all your attention as it possess elaborated crowns, thirty tiaras, dozens of bejeweled swords and shields, precious gems, numerous aigrette, precious metals and emeralds which was worn by the monarch of Persia in 16th century.

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Queen Farah Pahlavi, 1967


I have taken inspiration from Iranian jewelry because it attracts me the most as it represent country’s beauty and royalty. Also, it symbolizes their wealth and love for the jewelry. They had a special affection for diamonds, emeralds and other gemstones, because of their religious beliefs, women in ancient Persia did not show their skin or body in public, so they opted to save their favorite jewelry for events that took place at home, such as family gatherings. The artisans were very talented and well trained. They were mastered in producing delicate and intricate jewelry.

Inspiration board- Here is a board in which, I have taken inspiration from Iranian jewelry majorly focused on crown.

Mermaid Crowns Are the New Flower Crowns
Inspiration Board

Mood board- Here is a board, it represents mood of the collection i.e. royalty, status of country, elegant gemstones (beads & sequins), metallic colors of jewelry, and of course it is a headgear etc.

Mood Board

Category Board- Now that I have decided to choose Haute Couture (customized or expensive) as category of garments, here is range of the collection.

Category Board: Haute Couture

Look Board- Glimpse of the designs: how collection will look! As the collection is inspired by the jewelry so it will focus more on elegant, royal and glamorous garments. And also I’m using crown as my main accessory of the collection.

Look Board

So here is all about my inspiration method how I have taken inspiration and converted into range of garments. Basically the category was Haute Couture which is a creation of customized fitted and expensive clothing. To justify this category I have used 3D, embellished and unique fabrics which will be discussed in my next blog. Let us know if you liked it!

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