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Delhi Chalo: Protest Getting Aggressive

Prepared to stay put at Delhi border with next six months, and aiming to stay longer if not heard – Dilbagh Singh (25 years old), a farmer from Karnal is stiff about the team not moving Burari ground in order to strengthen their movement. By entering day 5 of the movement Singhu borders are shut for the traffic movement. Thousands of farmers with a strong will have reached the national capital responding to the “Delhi Chalo” call against the agri-marketing laws enacted at the Centre in September. With the wise old saying, “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” India being the land connected to the roots of agriculture is facing the worst time with farmers protesting and suffering from laws.

Thousands of farmers from Punjab and Haryana are being stubborn enough to continue the protests. Heavy rain and the low temperature had worsened the situation. There are many who lost their life by facing adverse conditions. A total of 10 borders – eight with Haryana and two with Uttar Pradesh that is impacted (partially or fully). Even the tenth round of conversation from farmers stated that the movement will continue. The part of the nation has a firm hand in the decision of our farmers aggressively opposing the laws. As explained by editorials, the laws are not just related to farms but might include other intentions.

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Contributions by women

Society is always held through by the support of a woman. Thus, farmers’ protests had set an example of women being brave enough to contribute to the aggressive movement on various borders. Kavita Kuruganthi is identified to be the woman delegate on the farm unions. She is the representative of Mahila Kisan Adhikar Manch- an alliance of women farmer’s organizations and supporters. As the male protestors stated, “The protests by them wouldn’t be inflow if their women wouldn’t have been safeguarding the fields and houses on their own“. Thus, women had turned out to be the backbone of ongoing protests at various Delhi Borders. In a male-dominated society like India, the primary motive of Mahila Kisan Diwas was the identity of women as farmers to be recognized.

Mahila Kisan Diwas at Delhi border

Groups of women traveling in tractors, buses, and trolleys were observed on Delhi borders to mark their presence on the occasion of Mahila Kisan Diwas. In the name of Solidarity, the performers stated that they will contribute every bit of energy to save the culture of Punjab. The past week at the Delhi border had marked the enchantment of a family as the men, women, and children staying put in the protests. Women being a part of the protests had added up to the peaceful nature of protests. Thus, in a conversation with the Union Kavita Kuruganthi ensures that the tractor rallies on Republic Day are going to be peaceful.

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R-Day Rally

The Republic Day rally by farmers protesting currently has been widely named as, “KISAN GANTANTRA PARADE”. The parade is about farmers holding rallies on five routes covering around 100km, on 26th January 2021 after the in-principle approval given by Delhi Police on Saturday. The posters saying “No Farmers, No Food“, “Kala Kanoon Radd Karo” and “Kisan Ekta Zindabad” along with mattresses and other essentials have been sent by tractors and trolleys to farmers at national capital borders. The parade by farmers is going to be mark history by maintaining the peace and instructions by committee. As per the details, Tractor parades are said to start from Gazipur, Tikri, and Singhu border points.

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In the 11th round of meeting, the government had offered to suspend the farm laws for 18 months and appointing a committee consisting of representatives from both sides to resolve the deadlock. With the process moving forward, the attitude of the government is recognized to be unhappy. As the three farm laws stay unacceptable for the farmers and mark the flow of their protest. The nation is widely facing challenges for a country like India, where agriculture blooms. This protest is representative of years of unrest in Indian agriculture. Even after resisting these protestors from water cannons and tear gas in such cold weather, the farmers’ unity is unbreakable. And the will to stand for their culture and prosperity stays remarkable.

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